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Paul Maggioni

I was astounded to read the editorial in Southern Cross regarding the Planned Parenthood (PP) videos released by the Citizens for Medical Progress (CMP).

The videos show executives of PP discussing dismemberment of infants and the sale of their body parts.  The videos are being released in their entirety and there is no doubt as to what these people are up to.

To the Southern Cross:

After reading your August 6 issue, I was struck by the contrast between Fr. Douglas Clark’s powerful commentary - “Immodest Proposal” - on Planned Parenthood’s (PP) sordid practices, as exposed by the non-profit Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and Mr. Michael Johnson’s morally confused editorial “The Whole Truth…” in which he chided the Center for lack of journalistic ethics. Whereas Fr.

Keeping the Faith

Dear editor,

Your attention in the July 9 issue of the Southern Cross to the recent achievement of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team winning the 2015 World Cup is much appreciated.

Re: 8/6/15 Southern Cross “The whole truth and nothing but the truth - so help me God”

Dear editor,

Your naiveté is astounding and dangerous to the truth. You said about the CMP videos “Such unsubstantiated influence is a dangerous phenomenon and detrimental to a civil society”. Of course CMP (Center for Medical Progress) presented a one sided case. What Planned Parenthood does is repulsive and is an abhorrent evil - and that is just their regular abortion business.

Under review

If I was the editor, upon receiving Hart’s column, (“So, Atticus Finch is a bigot”, page 14, Southern Cross, Vol. 95, No. 15, July 26, 2015) I would have told her to go read the book and then write a response. I read Lee’s novel and found it most revealing about racial issues but something larger: the ever growth of government power. Yes, I read Lee’s novel and everywhere we should “go set a watchman.”

I have read nearly a dozen reviews of Lee’s recent novel. I withheld judgment on those reviews, all along as I read the novel, thinking I will read a passage that condemns Finch.

Open minded respect

To listen to the anti-Pope Francis rhetoric among conservatives you might think that the Sermon on the Mount recommended unrestrained capitalism as a moral good.  Conservatives are only revealing their pharisaic hypocrisy in having more allegiance to unrestrained capitalism than to normative Christian values. 

Letter to the Editor - July 9 issue

Your attention in the July 9th issue of the Southern Cross to the recent achievement of the US Women's Soccer Team winning the 2015 World Cup is much appreciated.  Their victory was hard earned and thrilling.  However, printing a photo of Abby Wambach was a poor, and possibly uneducated, choice.  You may not be aware that Abby is a self-proclaimed lesbian.  In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision on June 26 mandating same-sex marriage acceptance in all states, seeing Abby's photo printed in a Catholic newspaper touting her Catholic background was actually disturbing.

Commend Bishop Hartmayer

I want to commend Bishop Hartmayer for his sensitive and charitable statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. Southern Cross, July, 9, 2015 Vol. 95, No. 14.

Rt. Rev’d H W Shipps
Retired Episcopal Bishop of Georgia

In praise of “Laudato Si”

“Praise Be” shows Holy Father Francis writes as a realistic mystic in touch with what is and with what is to come, one and the same, yet more, the fruit of prayer, study, and scientific contributions from some of the best. For some, however, Francis’ insights and wisdom are hard to swallow, their mouths filled with gravel of shortsighted criticism. It seems that they predetermined a disagreeable scent before the roses bloomed and holding their noses tight they are unable to smell the flora. How enlightening once inhaled, ingested and assimilated, “Praise Be” truly is.

Troublesome times

Father Clark’s commentary “The Isis Crisis” June 11, 2015, lays blame for the rise of Isis on the leadership of the United States. He opines that we created the Sunni reaction to form the Islamic State. He walks back in history to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I. He fails to explore the policy of Christian genocide by the last Caliphate; 3.5 million Christians of Greek, Syrian, and Armenian descent were murdered by the regime.


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