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Commend Bishop Hartmayer

I want to commend Bishop Hartmayer for his sensitive and charitable statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. Southern Cross, July, 9, 2015 Vol. 95, No. 14.

Rt. Rev’d H W Shipps
Retired Episcopal Bishop of Georgia

In praise of “Laudato Si”

“Praise Be” shows Holy Father Francis writes as a realistic mystic in touch with what is and with what is to come, one and the same, yet more, the fruit of prayer, study, and scientific contributions from some of the best. For some, however, Francis’ insights and wisdom are hard to swallow, their mouths filled with gravel of shortsighted criticism. It seems that they predetermined a disagreeable scent before the roses bloomed and holding their noses tight they are unable to smell the flora. How enlightening once inhaled, ingested and assimilated, “Praise Be” truly is.

Troublesome times

Father Clark’s commentary “The Isis Crisis” June 11, 2015, lays blame for the rise of Isis on the leadership of the United States. He opines that we created the Sunni reaction to form the Islamic State. He walks back in history to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I. He fails to explore the policy of Christian genocide by the last Caliphate; 3.5 million Christians of Greek, Syrian, and Armenian descent were murdered by the regime.

Recognition and remembrance

I began my life as a Catholic in my early 20’s, so had no real knowledge of sisters, I only knew what I had read in novels. My son started the first grade at Cathedral Day School and I began to know both Sister Nancy and Sister Georgette as people as well as religious women. They too have families, health issues and work scheduling issues, the same as I do. When I needed encouragement for something going stupid in my life these women were there to help me with prayers and life experience. I lost my husband and there they were for both me and my son.

Home to stay

I want to share with gratitude and love, 3 special priests, men of God, who introduced me to my Catholic faith, welcomed me back to our church, almost 3 and a half years ago. Father Edward Frank, who gave me my instructions when I joined Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Columbus, GA on September 8, 1974 and Father Tom Peyton, who took me under his wing, became a very close and special friend at a time in my life when I desperately needed one, and along with Father [Edward] Frank received me into the church at the same time.

Responsible parenthood

The article from the Catholic News Service, (CNS) appearing on page 2 of the January 22 issue of the Southern Cross my wife found disturbing enough to bring to my attention. The article purports to relate some essentials of Pope Francis’ recent interview on the flight from Manila to Rome. The first sentence of the article reads thus:

“Pope Francis stressed that, despite church doctrine against contraception, Catholics fail to practice “responsible parenthood” when they have too many children.”

Pastoral Initiative for the Latino Community in the Diocese of Savannah / Iniciativa Pastoral Para La Comunidad Latina En La Diócesis De Savannah

Pastoral Initiative for the Latino Community in the Diocese of Savannah

After reading the Bishop’s speech (Southern Cross, 8/21/14) and listening to it, I applaud the Bishop for his positive approach to the many Spanish speaking Catholics in south Georgia. But I do have questions about a couple of the comments made during the audience participation section and the Bishop’s speech. 

Letters to the Editor October 16, 2014

My view from the pew (see “Catching the view from the Pew” page 15 Southern Cross, Vol. 94, No. 19) changed when I moved from the side of the church to the main body of seats directly in front of the altar. From here I can see the entire liturgy obstruction-free and it has made such a difference in my appreciation of the Mass. Because life is so noisy, stressful, and hectic, I find myself wanting to feel the peace and silence that comes from this sacred space before and after the service.

Letters to the Editor - July 11, 2013

Nuns on the bus upsetting

Letters to the Editor April 30 2009

Communion and scandal
Re: “Sin and Communion” (Letters, April 30). Apparently Claire Krissinger doesn’t get it. Paul Rosenthal’s letter (April 23) was not one of condemnation and self-righteousness but an urgent appeal to help the status of those who are giving scandal to the Catholic Church and to those responsible for calling them to righteousness.


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