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Social sin

Wow. I was stunned when I read Father McCarthy’s article “Private Prisons in Georgia” . It upset me very much and it made me angry and it also made me feel ashamed. How can such a thing be going on in a civilized nation? How can it be even legal to make a profit of the deep misery of human beings? This is a social sin that cries out to heaven. Thank you Father McCarthy for speaking out on this issue when no one else cares. Thank you also to Mary Hood Hart for her beautiful article “I was in Prison...”. May God have mercy on us in our smug and puffed up self-righteousnesses.

Thank you

Thank you so much for the excellent article by Fr. Jeremiah J. McCarthy entitled Private Prisons in Georgia and the Year of Mercy. (March 17, 2016) I appreciated all of the information Fr. McCarthy included regarding the for-profit prison system — especially here in our own diocese. It really challenged me to think about all of those affected by our prison system — both those incarcerated and the prison employees. 
Sr. Donna Jo Loeper, SSJ, Savannah

Self-inflicted Harm

After reading Mary Hart’s column of 3/17 I’m led to believe that the problem of incarcerated drug offenders is of our own doing.
She insinuates that we should let them out, since they’re struggling already, and most committed non-violent crimes. With that logic we would also be obligated to release many more people, such as those who have embezzled or stolen. She confuses drug users with drug pushers, never offering statistics on the percent jailed for promoting drug use as active participants in the illegal drug industry.

Donation to South Carolina

Dear +Gregory,
On behalf of the faithful of South Carolina, I thank you and all the faithful of the Diocese of Savannah for the donation of $83,409.25 received and designated for relief efforts due to the 2015 storms and flooding in various parts of South Carolina.


Congratulations should be extended to columnist Rita H. DeLorme on her article on Cheatham E. Hodges, Jr. which appeared in the February 4, 2016 edition of the Southern Cross. Many people in Savannah and Chatham County and the surrounding area should be grateful for the wonderful service Cheatham performed in representing the Catholic Church in Georgia on legislative matters. He was truly the voice in the Georgia General Assembly for all Roman Catholics.

Ignorance is no excuse

It was troubling, although not surprising, to read in the Southern Cross (18 February 2016) that 56% of all Americans questioned in the Pew Research Center’s 2015 American Values Survey believe that “the values of Islam are at odds with American values and way of life.” I am left wondering how those responding came to know just what the values of Islam are.


My wife and I watched “Spotlight” and were both shocked and moved by its terrible reality. More than ever the axiom, “Truth hurts” applies. The movie is well-named in that there is a nasty “spot” on the Pope Francis mandated “work-clothes” of the institutional Catholic Church, on which the “light” of investigative transparency has focused, “dry cleaning” the Church’s dirty spot, not so “dry” really, as much tears flow in the process. If you haven’t seen “Spotlight” go see it! 

McKeown Chosen as Missionary of Mercy

Congratulations to Fr. Tim McKeown, being selected by our Holy Father, Pope Francis, to be a Missionary of Mercy during this Extraordinary Jubilee Year!  This is a tremendous honor.  Only 50 priests have been chosen from the entire United States to be a Holy Year Missionary of Mercy and there will be only 800  from the entire world.  Out of 400,000 priests worldwide, we are very honored that one of our Savannah priests has been selected!  Fr.

Paul Maggioni

I was astounded to read the editorial in Southern Cross regarding the Planned Parenthood (PP) videos released by the Citizens for Medical Progress (CMP).

The videos show executives of PP discussing dismemberment of infants and the sale of their body parts.  The videos are being released in their entirety and there is no doubt as to what these people are up to.

To the Southern Cross:

After reading your August 6 issue, I was struck by the contrast between Fr. Douglas Clark’s powerful commentary - “Immodest Proposal” - on Planned Parenthood’s (PP) sordid practices, as exposed by the non-profit Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and Mr. Michael Johnson’s morally confused editorial “The Whole Truth…” in which he chided the Center for lack of journalistic ethics. Whereas Fr.


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