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La Segunda Capilla

“Y aquí,” la hermana me dijo sonriendo, “está nuestra segunda capilla.” Entré al salón un poco confundido mientras explicaba la hermana, “esta es nuestra segunda capilla porque aquí también encontramos a Cristo.” La hermana religiosa me había invitado a entrar a un salón con unas quince jóvenes, todas las cuales sufrían de defectos congénitos y enfermedades graves. En este salón se encontraban las jóvenes mayores del hogar, las pocas que habían vivido más allá de unos pocos años después de ser abandonadas por sus padres debido a su inhabilidad para cuidar de ellas.

Gun Restrictions

According to Moises Sandoval (CNS) less guns will reduce deaths. I believe less guns would make one more vulnerable to those that want to do us harm. Mr. Sandoval’s way of thinking would make the criminal element more emboldened.

Sanctity of the Mass

I thoroughly enjoyed the article by Jessica Marsala in the June 23, 2016 edition of the Southern Cross about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Defective System

I take issue with the article written by Moises Sandoval (CNS) promoting the idea that to reduce deaths we must reduce guns. 

Exception Taken

Father Thomas Rosica’s tirade ("Pope gets media’s attention as he rebrands church, papacy, says priest", By Ed Wilkinson, CNS - page 3 of the May 26 issue of the Southern Cross) on some who are dismayed on the rebranding of the Church continues the recurring theme of castigating faithful adherents of the Catholic faith as obsessed, self-absorbed, fundamentalist, rigid, ideological, and hypocritical.

Special Interests

I found Father Clark's May 26 commentary, "It is time to call nonsense what it is: 'nonsense,'", especially interesting. He gave no quarter to advocates of transgenderism, clearly supporting the argument through science and faith. All of us learned the science in high school, the science that also reveals that life begins at conception.
What is a bother is that science does not support global warming, yet many leaders in our Church ignore that science and continue(s) to embrace a farce.

Fact Checking

I read Father Clark's commentary, found in the May 26 issue of the Southern Cross with the headline “It is time to call nonsense what it is: 'nonsense.'” The headline made me think I was going to get some biting political humor regarding the current national election. Instead I was treated to an ill-informed commentary on XX and XY chromosomes and human sexuality/gender. You would think Catholic clergy would stay away from science ever since the Galileo debacle. 

Redemptive Struggle

With Fr. Doug Clark’s keen intellect and wit, he begins his May 26 commentary on the “bathroom” issue facing our country with a quote by John Harington. Not recognizing the name, I did a quick Google search and discovered that Sir John Harington is credited with inventing the modern flush toilet. I suspect the irony was intended by Fr. Clark. 


You disappoint me, Father Clark. I expected more from an intelligent man like yourself than was exhibited in your recent article, "It is time to call nonsense what it is: 'nonsense,'" appearing in the May 26, Southern Cross on transgenderism. At the very least, support from some qualified, unbiased groups looking into the physiological and psychological aspects of this should have been referenced as opposed to a single Vatican document.

Social sin

Wow. I was stunned when I read Father McCarthy’s article “Private Prisons in Georgia” . It upset me very much and it made me angry and it also made me feel ashamed. How can such a thing be going on in a civilized nation? How can it be even legal to make a profit of the deep misery of human beings? This is a social sin that cries out to heaven. Thank you Father McCarthy for speaking out on this issue when no one else cares. Thank you also to Mary Hood Hart for her beautiful article “I was in Prison...”. May God have mercy on us in our smug and puffed up self-righteousnesses.


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