• A walk through God's country Schlepping a 50-pound pack and covering more than 50 miles, and in some cases 70 miles, up the peaks and through the canyons of the 219 square mile ranch garnered the trekkers more than sore shoulders and bragging rights...Read More

  • Bainbridge Hispanic faith community served by Guadalupe House of Evangelization“They understand more of the Mass, and they enjoy more of the Mass, and they want to participate more in the Mass,” Father Victor Canela, S.T. said. ...Read More

  • Parish program tackles food insecurity“The goal of FANN is to eliminate the fear or anxiety of not being able to provide food for yourself or your family. With income levels almost twice the national poverty level, the program is able to address food insec...Read More

  • Rowing for Fatima1,400 mile nautical pilgrimage draws attention to Centennial of Fatima apparition and message of peace ...Read More

  • American Catholic or Catholic American?Readers weigh in as to whether they identify as American Catholics or a Catholic Americans. ...Read More


'Speak softly and carry a big stick'

On January 26, 1900, Theodore Roosevelt wrote a letter to Henry L.

Seeking productive conversations

I’ve been buying a lot of produce lately, particularly greens. We all know how expensive produce can be, so to save some money, I recently visited a large Asian market. The prices on produce are the best around.

Rita DeLorme
Cost of the Bulletin (and today's Southern Cross) now and in the past

It wasn’t long after Bishop Benjamin J. Keiley gave the go-ahead to the establishment of a Catholic publication for the Diocese of Savannah that the Catholic Laymen’s Association of Georgia initiated the Bulletin.

Rachel Balducci
Learning to relax

It is our first day of family vacation and I’m trying to relax. It’s not easy. It seems like relaxation isn’t a button you can just press when it’s time to chill. You really have to work to, um, not work.


A Lego representation of the growing Halcombe family
Chip off the old block

“Go back to the kitchen, please?” I asked Simon, Jesse, Eli and AnnaMarie as they all hovered around my computer instead of heading to the supper table.


Father Pablo Migone
Predicando en las periferias

Existe una historia conocida sobre del encuentro entre San Francisco de Asís y un hombre con lepra. Una pequeña capilla rural cerca de Asís marca el lugar donde ocurrió este evento el cual marcó la vida de San Francisco.

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