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Originally Appeared in : 9710-5/11/17

If you are into public radio, you are most likely familiar with programs and podcasts such as This American Life, Radio Lab, and the TED Radio Hour. There are also millions of fans of Catholic podcasts like Busted Halo or, Vatican Radio.


It’s Catholic Y’all is a podcast produced by videographer Tim Williams delving into all things Catholic for the Diocese of Savannah. 

“Podcasts,” Williams said, “are just like recorded radio programs in that they are stories broadcast to listeners.” 


Unlike radio programs, however, podcasts are digital audio files which may be downloaded and played back at any time the listener chooses.


According to a June 2016 Pew Research report about one-in-five U.S. adults, ages 12 or older (21%) listened to a podcast in the past month.


Hired just over a year ago, Williams has produced numerous well-received video stories from around the diocese. Most of those video stories run from three to five minutes. Two of his most viewed stories explored in depth both the Chrism Mass as well as the tradition of faith and family in the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah. Both surpassed expectations of popularity and made apparent the type of stories that brought viewers to our web pages.


“Podcasts provide [another] popular medium to share those type long-form stories with our audience,” Williams said.


Williams spoke about the differences between a podcast story and a video.


 “With video you may come across a topic that doesn't lend itself well to a video format. Maybe there's no supporting video to it. Maybe it's just too in-depth to be able to talk about in three to five minutes where the podcast is a way for us to tell stories in a more in-depth way,” he said.


“You can have a 30-minute podcast about a very specific topic that doesn't have any supporting visuals. There's nothing you can show for it but it still makes a great podcast. I can now… make a program someone can listen to while they're driving or while they're doing chores, whatever they might be doing and still be able to hear that message.”


Williams continued, “What I'm really striving to do with the podcast is to put Catholic religious content out there that other people in the area might not be speaking about or might not know about.”


Podcasts currently in production include:

• Stories on Camp O'Hara, which was a Boy Scout camp established for African-American youth during segregation in the south by Bishop Gerald P. O'Hara—the bishop of the Diocese of Savannah from 1935 through 1959—with help from Auxiliary Bishop Bernard J. Shiel of Chicago.
• An episode with Father Brett Brannen, pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church in Savannah, about the parts of the Mass.
• A Catholic take on the motivational and situational factors that led to the Protestant Reformation from Father Michael J. Kavanaugh, director of ecumenism for the diocese and the pastor of Saint Peter the Apostle Church in Savanah. 
• An episode with Abbie Byron-Goslin on the Theology of the Body, which is a teaching that Saint Pope John Paul II put forth in the 1980s. Many Catholics have not been exposed to it yet.
• An episode with Father Pablo Migone, director of vocations for the Diocese of Savannah, about how people are called to the priesthood or religious life.


These stories and more to come may be downloaded here: diosav.org/podcast 

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