Staff Photo Selects 2017

Originally Appeared in : 9726-12/21/17
Every year thousands of photographs cross the editorial staff’s desks. After reviewing submitted and assigned work, hundreds appear in the pages of the Southern Cross. For this annual review each staff member was challenged to choose at least one published photo and briefly detail the reasons for choices. Please continue to submit your photographic work documenting our Catholic faith in South Georgia to editor@diosav.org
Please note: Documentary photography and news photography are similar in that they both record events – without manipulation. The of disciplines of documentary and news photography present a representation of a visual event as witnessed by the photographer from a particular vantage point at a particular point in time. In such photography, as it is in a court of law, the evidence presented by the witness must be unaltered, credible and accurate. 
suggestions for any photographer—
The main thing is knowing how to see,
To see without starting to think,
To see when you see
And not to think when you see . . .
from a draft of a poem by Thomas Merton, 2-18-1965


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