Columnist Rachel Balducci pens her second book

Originally Appeared in : 9817-8/16/18

Rachel Balducci is  a wife,  a mother of six children; five boys and one girl, co-host of The Gist, a TV talk show for Catholic women produced by Catholic TV in Boston and her second book ‘make my life simple – bringing peace to heart and home,’ will be published by Our Sunday Visitor in the near future.


As in her first book ‘How to Tuck in a Super Hero,’ Balducci writes from a “place where motherhood didn’t look like what I thought it would look like. I just never imagined having five boys in a row.”  While ‘How to Tuck in a Super Hero’ was a collection of funny stories derived from life with five boys, Balducci said, “I started wanting to find a way to find joy in the midst of motherhood. Life was much more chaotic than I anticipated.”


Simplifying life in the midst of chaos was the catalyst for her new title.


“I just absolutely love to write,” said Balducci.” She collected material over many years and finally gathered it together as she wrote. The book was written over a long time. It was, she said, “a topic that I had had on my heart for a while and it was kind of one of those things I had been mulling over and just couldn’t get any traction on it.”


‘Make my life simple’ is organized as a guide broken down into three sections: the practical sense, the personal sense and, the spiritual sense. Each section has nine parts covering how to find “peace and order” practically in the home. And then peace and order personally in mind and body - taking care of ourselves.


The final section looks at the spiritual aspect of our lives. “How do we get peace, order and spiritually to come together,” asks Balducci. “The key is to kind of always be aware of what brings you peace,” she said. We must become aware of what is robbing us of our peace and how we can manage those things."


She says her new title, ‘make my life simple,’ “covers for me, this journey of how might we come to complete joy and freedom in our life. Thinking for myself as a wife, a mom and the other things that God has asked me to do­­­ —  be a television cohost, a newspaper columnist and author I know God has given me many  opportunities that ask a lot of me. It’s a lot to do. But God really wants us to have freedom and joy and peace in every single area of our life, and they all fit together."


If you are feeling more chaos than peace, more panic than joy, make my life simple: bringing beace to heart and home gives you down-to-earth, practical pointers to achieve peace and order:
• In your home: Establish a peaceful environment for you and your family
• In yourself: Design an ordered way of living to benefit your body, mind, and spirit with Rachel’s friend-to-friend advice
• In your spiritual life: Create order in your spiritual relationships with Jesus, yourself, and the others in your life

Listen to Rachel speak about her faith, her home and her writing —
go to bit.ly/RachelHeartAndHome


'make my life simple - bring peace to heart and home'
- ISBN: 978-1-68192-239-3
- US $16.95
- SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
- Published by Our Sunday Visitor



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