Gartland Award Recipients 2018

Originally Appeared in : 9825-12/6/18

See the portraits of Gartland recipients taken with Bishop Hartmayer here


Ione Belgrave Phillips

Hinesville, St. Stephen First Martyr Church

Ione has given to our parish in so many aspects; Fr Adam Kasela is proud to nominate her as a Gartland Award recipient for 2018 for her continued love and supprt of our Church here at St. Stephens.


Steve Bristol

St. Simons Island, St. William Church

Steve and his family are stalwarts of St. William, and I appreciate his enthusiasm and dedication. Besides his choir and cantor duties, Steve was a great advisor to have on Parish Council and is a great example to our Youth.


Joan Burke

Donalsonville, Church of the Incarnation
Joan Burke is one of the people who started the Community of the Catholic Church in Donalsonville, Georgia. Joan was in charge of the administration of the Church until two year ago. She loves the Catholic Church and for this reason she expends her talents and time with the Church in this mission.


Laura Bylinowski

Waynesboro, Sacred Heart Church

Bylinowski served as Bookkeeper in Sacred Heart Church for over ten years without pay. She volunteered her time and talent to serving her church and for that we are grateful to her and her family.


Mary Byrd

Tifton, Our Divine Saviour Church

Mary Byrd is an outstanding member of the community who takes her faith and religion very seriously through the services she rendered for many years. This is to encourage her continuous service to God and humanity and to thank her for her long years of service to our community.


Glenn Carter

Macon, St. Joseph Church

Glenn is a fine candidate for the Gartland Award and we are blessed to have him as a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church.


Lisa Carter

Macon, St. Joseph Church

Lisa is a wonderful candidate for the Gartland Award. We are blessed to have her and her family here at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Macon.


Pauline Chiles

Waynesboro, Sacred Heart Church

Pauline Chiles volunteered her time in the services of her church for years now, for that we are grateful to her.


Angie Lyon Chu

Savannah, St. Peter the Apostle Church

I am grateful for Angie’s unique service. Angie Chu has worked with our school’s small equestrian team Wednesday afternoons after school for several years. Although the group is small, she has contributed her time and talent to helping the children learn about the beauty and the discipline in equestrian activities. Along with her husband Bobby, she is a great supporter of our parish and our school.


Marion B. Clark

Macon, St. Peter Claver Church

Marion and her husband are active, faithful members of St. Peter Claver Church for decades. She has been married to her husband Hank for 53 years, has four children, eleven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.


Fletcher Cross

Savannah, St. Benedict the Moor Church

Fletcher Cross is a blessing to St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church, Savannah. He is a perfect and faithful gentleman who loves and cherishes his family and his Church. I am so proud to have him as my Parishioner!


Erwin Cruz

Port Wentworth, Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Director of Spanish Choir, very gifted musician. Always willing to serve English or Spanish Masses and community.


Lois Carroll Cutia

St. Simons Island, St. William Church

Lois has been a great help to me on the altar for many years. Her happiness and helpfulness shine through every time you see her. She brings great joy to the people she visits for St. William Church and is a true example of what loving her neighbor means.


Ricardo Dajui

Metter, Holy Family Church

I therefore recommend Ricardo for this prestigious Gartland award this year 2018. I feel he deserves it.


Kay Dolan

Pooler, Corpus Christi Church

Active parishioner in all facets of parish life and ministries. Especially helpful with administrative duties, fundraising, and finances for new parish and church.


Rosario Elena

Bainbridge, St. Joseph Church

Agradezco a Rosario los servicios ofrecidos a la iglesia y las familias en necesidad y le pido a Dios que siempre le de la sabiduría y fortaleza necesarias para que siga sirviendo a sus hijos e hijas, a esta iglesia de la cual es miembro y las familias en necesidad. Gracias Rosario y que Dios te siga bendiciendo.


Martin Estrada

Savannah, St. Frances Cabrini Church
Our home bound parishioners will frequently call the Parish Office to tell us how much they look forward and appreciate Martin visiting them and bringing them Holy Communion every week. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor.


William “Bill” Evans

Augusta, Most Holy Trinity Church

In the mid-2000s he registered at Most Holy Trinity Church where he has been active ever since.Bill is a faithful member of our parish. He attends 10:30 a.m. Mass where he ushers every Sunday. His warm smile makes everyone feel welcome. During the week, it is not uncommon to see Bill stop by the church to have a few moments of silent prayer with the Lord. He lends a hand in the office where he assists with money counting. He is always eager to help train new volunteers or assist others. His contagious smile and positive personality brightens up any room. After all these years, Bill is still a supporter of Immaculate Conception School.


Judi Gast

Pooler, Corpus Christi Church

Active parishioner in all facets of parish life, especially fundraising, finance, and hospitality.


Lacey Gruver

Waycross, St. Joseph Church

Without a strong leader, religious education can easily flounder. Lacey’s leadership has proven itself through good times and tough times, supporting, consoling, inspiring and planning, disciplining and affirming both students and parents. As a parish we are so grateful for her tireless stewardship, her attention to detail, and her constant care for her children. She sees the big picture, calls them in and leads them out like a good shepherd so that they might all walk with Jesus. As a community of faith, we would be lost without her committed service to Christ in our Parish Religious Education program.


Magdalena Guerrero

Willacoochee, Holy Family Church

I genuinely appreciate all that Magdalena Guerrero has done for St. Paul Church and our two missions, Holy Family and St. William. Magdalena Guerrero is very active and unstoppable in the church activities that she serves. For the past 8 years she has been organizing the Comunidades de Base of St. Paul. Every task she takes she commits herself to totally. In the last 5 years she has led the Guadalupe Committee, to Evangelize and to plan a festival for the Building Fund. It is hard to imagine St. Paul’s Church without the talent,leadership and service that Magdalena Guerrero unselfishly gives to us all.


Betty Jayne Hosti Hendrix

Tybee Island, St. Michael Church

Betty has been committed to and active with St. Michael parish, the school communities, and deanery volunteer activities her entire life. She has committed herself actively to her profession and volunteered as well in outreach in that area. She and her family have given freely of their time and talent to this parish and deanery and diocesan community. It is a blessing to have Betty Jayne as a member of St. Michael and to nominate her this year for the Gartland Award.


Sergio Hernandez

Savannah, Sacred Heart Church

For many years, Sergio has volunteered his musical talents and gifts to the weekly Spanish Mass and Choir practice. He is a member of the Parish Council representing and advocating for the Hispanic community. He leads the bi-annual Church grounds clean-up and repairs things free of charge. Sergio initiated and led a fundraising event that raised funds for our current Restoration project. We feel blessed to have Sergio in our Parish.


Eloisa Hernández-Newman

Savannah, Sacred Heart Church

Eloisa sees what is to be done and just finds a way to get it done.


Charles Herrick

Cordele, St. Theresa Church

Chuck is one of the parishioners I can always count on doing whatever task that needed to be done in the parish. He goes beyond his regular lector schedules to take up readings on special occasions. He is available to assist in leading any small group spiritual exercises in the parish, the same way he does with the weekly men’s Cursillo meetings. His wise views have been a big help in many areas of our parish life, including the Finance Committee. He and his wife, Candy, are great examples of full involvement in the parish life.


Candace Herrick

Cordele, St. Theresa Church

Candy recognizes the spiritual depth of total self-giving to the service of the church. For her, giving back to the Church through her time, talents and treasure is a practical spiritual exercise. She gives quality time and attention to specific details in the church, parish hall and the rectory. She is always the one to remind me it is time to prepare for the special seasons, to make necessary purchases and to plan the setups for them. She is indeed a special gift to our parish.


Jane Heying

Darien, Nativity of Our Lady Church

Fellow parishioners commented about Jane. One said, “Jane is an integral part of our Nativity family… a humble leader, always quick to volunteer for any parish needed function or committee, going above and beyond at all times. Our beautiful church now has new wooden floors, new covering for all stained glass windows, new roof and stucco, and a solid finance committee team… all due in large part to Jane’s leadership, relentless efforts, and strong determination.” Another noted, ”I know Jane both socially and by working with her on different committees and groups. Always her focus is God, Family and Community.”


Angela Hightower

Pine Mountain, Christ the King Church

Angela was the daughter of Deacon Benyo, one of the first class of deacons ordained for the Savannah Diocese. She would have made him proud. All of us in the Christ the King family are so blessed to have her.


Roy Hightower

Pine Mountain, Christ the King Church

Roy Hightower has been a member of Christ the King parish for over twenty years. Whenever the parish needed help to maintain the buildings and grounds Roy would always be there to help out. Roy's venison chili was the bonus that came with the Bible Study group meetings at the Hightower's home. He and his wife Angela have been a great team and have been willing volunteers to support all parish religious, social and fund raising events.


Julie Hopkins

Vidalia, Sacred Heart Church

Julie has served our parish for almost two decades. She and her husband, Eric, jumped into parish life soon after they moved to Vidalia with their daughters, Amanda and Kristen. Julie served as our parish Pastoral Assistant from 2011-2018. Her love for the Lord, the Church and others came through in her work. Over the years, Julie has been involved in nearly every ministry our parish has to offer. She and her husband served as Youth Ministers for many years, donating their time and energy to lead youth meetings and chaperone events. Julie has made a lasting impact on young women in our parish through her commitment to mentor and guide them through the difficult teen-age years. She has opened her heart and home by leading small-group Bible and Faith Formation studies. Currently, she is an active member of the Women's Guild. She also serves as an offertory counter and liturgical minister. Julie is enjoying her retirement and spending time with her 3 precious grandchildren.


John Hubert

Savannah, St. Peter the Apostle Church

John Hubert is one of the many “unsung and unseen” workers that serve in parishes across our diocese. With his cooking talents, he is always willing to step up to help prepare meals for altar servers, for the daily mass attendees, for Confirmation dinners, for rectory social events, and others. His generosity and his talent help keep us well fed and contribute to the sense of community and camaraderie at St. Peter the Apostle.


Allen Janacek

Savannah, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Allen is a wonderful usher and tour guide. He is very faithful to both of those important ministries. He is helpful to the visitors and parishioners and is most supportive and helpful to the Priests. Allen is one of those people who serve quietly, in the background, without whom the Parish would not function so well. He is a faithful and devout Catholic.


Rose Mary Jones

Brunswick, St. Francis Xavier Church

Rose Mary is very faithful to cantor at funerals. Whether there are four people at the funeral or four hundred Rose Mary will take her lunch hour to come and serve the family of the deceased and pray for the departed. She does this as a work of charity and families often comment how much the music at the funeral Mass meant to them. Rose Mary can be found at almost all parish events and serves with joy and zeal.


Susan Layman

Brunswick, St. Francis Xavier Church

We are blessed that Susan has used her voice to serve the church for 43 years! Susan says, “Music has always been an important part of my life and often stirs deep emotion within me, so I truly believe that music is a prayer said twice. When I sing, I imagine the prayer and praise in the words we sing rising like incense to the Lord… It’s very gratifying to be a part of the liturgy and to know you are helping God’s people to participate.”


Ramona Lozano

Savannah, St. Frances Cabrini Church

Our homebound parishioners will frequently call the Parish Office to tell us how much they look forward and appreciate Ramona visiting them and bringing them Holy Communion every week. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor.


Bonnie Mallard

Americus, St. Mary Church

Bonnie, along with her husband Salvador Rodriguez, significantly gives of her time, talent and treasure in ministry to Hispanic parishioners at St. Mary in Americus. Bonnie has provided transportation and accompaniment for doctors' visits and medical emergencies. She visits parishioners during hospital stays and patiently accompanies their families during unsettling times. She has served as a bridge between the Spanish and English speaking communities in the parish. She has hosted intra-cultural gatherings in her home, including posadas during Advent. Bonnie is a co-teacher for First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation in the parish faith formation program. She is a liturgical minister serving as a sacristan and minister of hospitality. Bonnie is also a collection counter. She is always willing to serve when needed. Because of her humility, few realize the magnitude of her service. She has been a member of the parish for seven years.


Allan L. Marks

Port Wentworth, Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Life long member of OLOL, active in many ministries through the years, “Man of Prayer.”


Martha Mascorro

Tifton, Our Divine Saviour Church

Martha is a strong member of the Hispanic community, always available to serve. She reads at mass and serves as an usher. She sings in the Hispanic Choir, member of CCW, assist at marriage preparation program. Always available to help the children and youth and whenever her services were needed.


Betty Maysonet

Augusta, St. Joseph Church

Betty Maysonet’s service to the parish has spanned from youth group to visiting the homebound, and bridges the diversity of persons in our parish. She and her husband exemplify the potential of married couples serving Christ in the Church.


Freddie Maysonet

Augusta, St. Joseph Church

With his wife Betty, Freddie serves in an exemplary manner, seeking neither attention nor reward. His willingness to go the extra mile to be of service to the parish is beyond measure. He uses his many talents to educate and evangelize those seeking to deepen their faith.


Maribel Mendoza

Fitzgerald, St. William Church

Maribel is a long time member of St William Church. Over the years, she has cooked with the Hispanic Community and is a CCD catechist. She gives her Time, Treasure and Talent by being instrumental in teaching Holy Communion classes with much success, is a lector at the Spanish mass, is involved with helping at the bi-lingual mass, and gives her heart into teaching our young children


Mary Moore

Savannah, Resurrection of Our Lord Church

Mary Moore is a long time active parishioner and a daily communicant of Resurrection of Our Lord Church. She is a true example of one using their time, talents and treasure for the building up of our Lord’s kingdom. At daily Mass, she coordinates the music and serves as an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist. She visits the sick and home bound of the parish. Also, she sings in the choir at all the funerals in the parish. Many parishioners also turn to her for prayer and spiritual advice. She is an inspiration and a ‘mother” to many. It should be known that Mary Moore does not allow age or a few ailments prevent her for being active in the parish.


Marilyn Moore

Augusta, St. Mary on the Hill Church

Marilyn Moore has been a member of St. Mary on the Hill Parish since 1983 when she and her family moved here with the military. She has been married for 43 years to Walter Moore and they have four children and four grandchildren. Their children attended St. Mary’s School and Aquinas High School. While they were at St. Mary’s, she volunteered for various activities and field trips, including working with a group of women making small Christmas crafts for the children to buy as gifts.


Maria del Carmen Morales

Warner Robins, Sacred Heart Church

Maria Del Carmen attends daily Mass and her ministry flows from her faith and piety. Her grown children are also very involved in the parish and Life Teen ministry. I would highly recommend Maria del Carmen as an example of faith in action; she is a leader both in her family and in her parish.


Florence Nixson

Savannah, Resurrection of Our Lord Church

Florence Nixson is a parishioner that every pastor wants in their congregation. Because she is active, but never draws attention to herself or to what she is doing. She goes about her stewardship in a quiet and humble manner. She crochets beautiful blankets for the newborn of the parish. The blankets are well received by the families of the newborn. Some of the parishioners want to know whether they have to have a baby to receive a blanket. For they know that the blankets are made with lots of love. She is indeed an inspiration to many because of her active participation in the parish. She does not let her age or illness prevent her from being active. She is well deserving of the Gartland Award, because of her long time active participation in the parish.


Henry O’Neill

Warner Robins, Sacred Heart Church

Henry is very active in the K of C, he has been past Grand Knight, he works tirelessly to serve the parish through his pastoral ministry with the Knights. Henry also serves on the parish Finance Committee and the Parish Energy committee. Henry has also been involved in our Golden Hearts ministry (Senior Citizens), serving the older members of parish through their monthly meetings.


Sonja-Lee Pollino

Richmond Hill, St. Anne Church

I have known Sonja-Lee since becoming pastor in 2016 and know her to be a woman of faith very active in our parish, well known and beloved. She has been a tremendous asset to our annual auction and gala which is our parish’s major fund raiser. She has been very active in the CCW and as a teacher.


Robert Prange

Grovetown, St. Teresa of Avila Church

Bob Prange has been a steady rock in our RCIA program since I arrived here eight years ago. He forms an incredible bond with the candidates and catechumens each year, as he journeys with them into our Catholic Church. With his knowledge, personality and wit, Bob has helped hundreds find their way to our faith.


Phyllis Purvis

Fitzgerald ,St. William Church

Phyllis gives faithfully with her Time, Treasurer and Talent with a smiling face by actively doing religious education and working with youth groups, both English and Spanish, when CCD was in desperate need of catechists. Her participation at Mass and church activities is an inspiration to admire.


Sister Lillian Quadrella

Savannah, Blessed Sacrament Church

Sister Lillian Quadrella is currently employed by St. Joseph's/Candler Health Care as a guest representative. She has been involved in Catholic Education for over 30 years as a middle school teacher and Principal. She was an Administrator at Annunciation House of Prayer in Steubenville, OH and Mt. de Sales retirement convent in Macon, GA. She has been a volunteer with school boards, parish council, and the Catholic Charismatic Movement. She attended Blessed Sacrament School, St Vincent's Academy, Mt. St. Agnes College and GA State University MEd. Next year she will be celebrating her 60th year of being a Sister of Mercy.


Carolina Quiterio-Dajui

Metter, Holy Family Church

Carolina Dajui has been a member of Holy Family for 8 years. She is a member of the Eucharistic Ministry. She also partakes in the Pre-Cana ministry; she is considered a Hispanic leader; Carolina is always available and willing to help in the needs of the Church.


Doug Ramsey

Nominated by the Diocese of Savannah

Doug spends every Saturday working at the Carmelite Monastery - for the past 15 years. He works quietly mowing, pruning, repairs quipment, etc. He calls during the week to ask if we have enough food to eat and offers to help us in anyway we need.


Bill Register

Valdosta, St. John the Evangelist Church

Bill has always taken seriously his call to discipleship and service through the many hours he has given to our parish in various ministries. Every Sunday you will find him at the 9:30 Mass as an usher and/or a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion. He is quick to help set-up for Mass and greet parishioners as they arrive. Bill previously served on the Parish Council as an appointed member for 19 years. He was also on the Building Committee during the expansion of the church and school many years ago. He is also an active member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 4913. However, Bill has truly found his niche in sharing and teaching about our Catholic Faith with the Confirmation students since 2002.


Kathy Register

Valdosta, St. John the Evangelist Church

Kathy has been a lifelong Catholic and a member of St. John since 1978. She grew up watching her parents participate in and serve the Church and she has faithfully followed their example. As a teenager she was active in the youth group and over the years has been involved in different aspects of parish life. She married her husband, Bill, in 1984 and together they have supported each other by putting their faith in action. Together they have served as the parish Confirmation catechists for 16 years. Kathy is a faithful Eucharistic Minister and recently became a lector. Her work with the Ladies Auxiliary has also been a large part of her life. She has taken on leadership roles and chaired committees—devoting herself to Breakfast with Santa and the annual Seminarian Dinner—decorating, cooking and cleaning up!


Antonio Rivera

Lake Park, Inglesia Catolica San Jose Mission

Antonio has been a devoted member of San José Mission for over 20 years. He is a kind and gentle man who is always at the ready to help behind the scenes. He has acted as the Sexton and Sacristan for as long as we can remember. He makes sure the building is open for Mass or other special gatherings—he arrives early to turn on the AC or heat to ensure everyone’s comfort. He sets up for Mass and serves as an altar server as needed. He is meticulous at keeping track of supplies and needs for the Masses. In addition to serving at San José he was also active for many years in Prison Ministry—studying the Sunday readings with prisoners and arranging a Mass schedule as often as possible. Antonio is a true example of living his faith through action.


Rosalyn Roderick

Macon, St. Peter Claver Church

Each week Rosalyn cheerfully oversees hospitality (coffee and donuts) between Sunday Masses. Monthly she directs a tasty Sunday breakfast that provides funds for the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Rosalyn and SBS Alumni keep awareness of the sisters and have raised thousands of dollars for the sisters who ministered for little financial recompense.


Salvador Rodriguez

Americus, St. Mary Church

Sal, along with his wife Bonnie, significantly gives of his time, talent and treasure in ministry to the Hispanic community in St. Mary in Americus. In language translation he has served as a bridge between the Hispanic and English speaking communities. This skill has been invaluable in impromptu meetings and numerous parish functions such as faith formation, pastoral council, mornings of reflection and presentations of the finance committee. Sal has helped Hispanic parishioners who are sick and/or hospitalized with transportation and language translation, between the patient and healthcare professionals. He has hosted intra-cultural dinners at his home, including posadas during Advent.

Sal is a member of the pastoral council and the finance committee. He is a liturgical minister serving as a sacristan and minister of hospitality. He is a substitute faith formation teacher. He is a collection counter. Sal is always willing to serve when needed. Because of his humility, few realize the magnitude of his service. Sal has been a member of the parish for seven years.


Leopoldo Rodriguez-Berlanga

Springfield, St. Boniface Church

Leopoldo(Polo) Rodriguez was born in Mexico and came to the United States with his wife and 2 children in 2010. He came to Rincon for a job at Efacec, now Georgia Transformer in 2011 and became a US citizen in 2018. Polo and his family became members of St. Boniface in 2011 and have been involved with the Church since then. He is the president of the Discipleship Council, a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion, a Usher and Greeter, Altar Server and has become very involved with the Hispanic Community at St. Boniface, forming a Hispanic choir. He recently has applied for the Diaconate program. Polo said “Even though we have no relatives nearby, we have made good friends and have felt welcomed in our parish.”


Dianne Roe

Springfield, St. Boniface Church

Since the first day the doors were opened at St. Boniface Catholic Mission in Springfield, Georgia, Dianne Roe has dedicated over 30 years of service to singing in the choir. She lost her husband, Thomas, before the first Mass was celebrated, and she has been a shinning example of faith to her 3 sons by dedicating years to teaching in the CCD program and singing at each Sunday Mass. Dianne says, “my greatest wish is to leave this earth singing at church."


Daniel Ross

Douglas, St. Paul Church

Daniel (Danny) Ross is an exemplary parishioner. Along with his wife, Marlo Ross, he is helpful, cheerful, and dependable.


Marlo Ross

Douglas, St. Paul Church

Marlo Ross is the sort of parishioner who stands out by virtue of her willingness to volunteer her time and talents to the Church. Along with her husband Daniel (Danny) Ross, Marlo has ushered at Mass, taught pre-k and kindergarten religious ed. classes, directed the little ones in a Christmas Eve play, and for several years has decorated St. Paul Church for Christmas. Although Marlo Ross is a busy attorney, she and Danny project the embodiment of lives lived for God.


Paige Ryan

Savannah, Blessed Sacrament Church

Paige’s eagerness to serve God and Community is evident to all who have the pleasure of knowing her. She is always at the ready for any project that comes up, goes the extra mile to give of her time and talent to the greater glory of God. We have been blessed with her leadership and quiet direction. Paige Ryan is the Parish Administrator for Blessed Sacrament Church, where she has worked for the past 21 years. Over the years she has volunteered in various ministries: Religious Education teacher, Parish Life, Stewardship Fairs, Greeters, Building and Grounds, Prison Ministry, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Altar Society. She has also been involved over the years at Blessed Sacrament School on the Home and School Executive Board and as a room mother. She has assisted with Lenten Dinners, Grand Marshal’s Breakfasts over the years as well as 25th Anniversary Celebrations for Fr. Jeremiah McCarthy and Fr. Brett Brannen.


John R. Scherer

Augusta, St. Mary on the Hill Church

John Scherer began his service to his parish as an altar server and sacristan. Throughout the years, in a variety of capacities, he has continued to serve St. Mary’s. He is an active lector and has been elected to the Parish Council and represented the parish on the Deanery Council and taught high school C.C.D. A graduate of St. Mary School and St. John Vianney Minor Seminary, he volunteers at the school and is a substitute teacher at St. Mary’s and Aquinas High School. He and his wife, Cindy, co-chair SMS’s Book Fair. He was Grand Knight of Patrick Walsh Council, chairman of the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee, and president of the Irish American Heritage Society in Augusta and was honored to be the Parade Grand Marshal. He was a member of the Diamond Jubilee and the Centennial Celebration Committees. In 2013, he edited and produced a history of the parish’s 100-year commitment to Catholic education, and in 2017 collaborated with parishioners to publish a history of the parish. He is currently involved in gathering artifacts, documents, and memorabilia for the parish archives.


Vance Schuler

Richmond Hill, St. Anne Church

Vance has been an active parishioner for many years. He offers his talent each week helping to cut the grass of the expansive property at St. Anne and has done so in the heat of summer for many years. He is also an usher and participates with his wife in a weekly commitment in our adoration chapel. He is a very hard worker for our parish.


Hilda Self

Vidalia, Sacred Heart Church

Hilda Self and her husband, Lee, have been parishioners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Vidalia for almost 2 decades. She served as the bookkeeper from 2005 until her retirement in 2018. Hilda served our parish with excellence and dedication. Her kindness set the tone for our office and parish. Her contribution and presence are definitely missed. Since retirement, Hilda and Lee have gone on multiple pilgrimages in Europe that have deepened their faith and enriched their spiritual and daily life.


Donald E. Slater

Statesboro, St. Matthew Church

In addition to his service to the parish, Don is also involved in a music group that visits nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide entertainment for the residents. The group visits the elderly every one to two months.


Helen Slater

Statesboro, St. Matthew Church

Helen and her husband Don spend many hours each week pruning, weeding, cutting down trees, and taking care of landscaping tasks for our parish. Both are actively involved in bible study and assisting parishioners in need. Helen also volunteers to proofread the weekly bulletins, quarterly newsletters, and other parish print communications. Helen models what it means to be devoted to Jesus and to serve the body of Christ in her parish by using her gifts so faithfully.


Ruth Smith

Grovetown St. Teresa of Avila Church

Ruth Smith is a long-time member of St. Teresa of Avila Parish. She has contributed much of her time and talent here at the Church and through her civic involvement to the community. She is currently involved with the Prayer Shawl Ministry, Council of Catholic Women, Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, Member and past State President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Parish Life Seniors Group, Chairperson for the Worship Ministry, Ladies Bible Study Ministry, 50th Anniversary of the Parish Committee, Ribbons of Hope Cancer Support Group, will be a volunteer worker for the Matthew Kelly Program here at our Parish in January 2019, plays Mrs. Santa for the Christmas Party in Mothers’ Day Out, volunteers in the parish office when secretarial support is needed and volunteers once a week at the local Catholic Social Services office as a Case Manager. Her energy seems endless as she takes on her parish and civic duties.


Eleanor Marie Spivey

Louisville, St. Joan of Arc Church

Eleanor Spivey gave her time and talent to serve her Church. We truly appreciate her services. Served as Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) member, PPC Chairperson, Religious Education Teacher.


Jason Strickland

Waycross, St. Joseph Church

Jason has a remarkable love for people and their gifts within the community. He listens well to people and has an anointed charism as a bridge person between cultures and languages. His voice has animated our choir and the pastor’s preaching, bringing excitement, clarity and care to the many events of our Hispanic faith community at St. Joseph’s in Waycross. His presence has been an untiring witness and a catalyst for our celebrations and growth together.

Jason has cultivated a love for Hispanic culture and language since he was a child. An effective communicator and organizer, Jason has been active in many Hispanic communities throughout the diocese, serving as a judge at fiestas in Moultrie, and as co-host at a diocesan Encuentro in Warner Robins.


Carroll E. Thebaud

Columbus, Holy Family Church

Carroll Thebaud has given outstanding service to the Church of the Holy Family as Music Director for over 30 years. She is dedicated to her ministry and carries it out with joy and enthusiasm. Her ministry helps the parishioners of Holy Family to lift their voices in prayerful song to the Lord. Our liturgies are enriched and energized by our excellent choir which Carroll directs. It is fitting that she should receive the Gartland Award for outstanding service to the people of the Church of the Holy Family.


Lizeth Tinajero

Willacoochee, Holy Family Church

The parish is fortunate to have Liz as a member of our parish. She always has a friendly smile and her willingness to be of service to our parish, sharing her time and talent to better serve the Lord, is heart-warming. As a younger member of the Hispanic community, Liz has stepped forward volunteering to help with many activities for both communities. She is an active member of the Guadalupe Committee, heads up various fundraisers such as coordinating yard sales and food sales, and in her words “serving God for all the beautiful things he has done and continues doing for me.”


Andrew Watson

Tybee Island, St. Michael Church

Andy has served in a number of positions: Parish Council, Vice-President 2009; St. Michael Bell Tower Restoration Project Chairperson 2010; Building and Grounds Chairperson Lector / Altar Service. Andy has been committed to and active with his parishes and school communities his entire life. He and his family have given their time and talent to the support of their faith community. It is a blessing to have Andy as a member of this parish and to nominate him for the Gartland Award this year.


Beth Whelan

Savannah, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

She is a past president of the Cathedral Parish Council in the 1970s and served on the steering committee which helped guide the renovations of the Cathedral at that time. She has been very generous with her time and talent at the Cathedral, Hospice of Savannah, and the Junior League. She has been a faithful supporter of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and the Cathedral Heritage Fund.


Eugenie Whiddon

Bainbridge, St. Joseph Church

Genie Whiddon is one of the people, who with her Family started the Community of the Catholic Church in Bainbridge, Georgia. Genie, for many years, was in charge of the administration of the Church. She was one of the women who started the CCW group and is still a member. She created ministries to support mothers with babies’ necessities and the seminarians of the Missionary Servants. Genie loves the Catholic Church a lot, and every day attends Mass for her love of the Eucharist. Thank you Genie for your long Service in this Church.


Christine Williams

Hinesville, St. Stephen First Martyr Church

Christine Williams is a humble servant of God. Among her many volunteer church services: she brings the Eucharist to the homebound weekly, washes the church linens monthly, is a member of the Legion of Mary, leading the rosary before Sunday Mass/Holy Hour, is an Eucharistic Minister, and brings an elderly parishioner to church on a bi-weekly basis. Christine Williams is truly an example of Christ’s Love of the Church!


Phoebe Williams

Savannah, St. Benedict the Moor Church

Phoebe has been a member of St. Benedict the Moor parish for many years. She is a woman of great faith and spirituality who is dedicated to serving her Lord, her family, and her church. She works diligently in several ministries and organizations in the parish to build up her Church family. She is a long- time member of the Council of Catholic Women and a faithful member of the Legion of Mary at St. Benedict the Moor and on the diocesan level. She is a wonderful cook who dedicated herself to preparing delicious meals, sometimes alone, for special events at the parish and the repast for families after funeral services. Hers is a life of humility and service to others. She regularly visits the sick and shut-in parishioners, trying to ensure that they know that they are not forgotten. Phoebe Williams gives willingly of her time, talent and treasure without seeking any recompense.


Greg J. Yonchak

Louisville, St. Joan of Arc Church

Greg Yonchak has been the organist of St. Joan of Arc, Louisville, for more than ten years. He has always used his musical talent to serve his Church. He has done this without pay. We are grateful to God and to him for good music at our worship (liturgy).


Judy Young

Donalsonville, Church of the Incarnation

Judy is a member of the Incarnation Catholic Church in Donalsonville. Judy leads the songs in the Eucharist every Sunday and she is a member of the Extraordinary Eucharist Ministry. I can say that Judy shows a big love for the word of God and the Eucharist. She always participates with constancy in Bible studies, Masses, Holy Hour and retreats. Judy is supporting the church in the administration area at Incarnation mission and at St Joseph parish-Bainbridge.

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