Letters to the Editor

Donation to South Carolina

Dear +Gregory,
On behalf of the faithful of South Carolina, I thank you and all the faithful of the Diocese of Savannah for the donation of $83,409.25 received and designated for relief efforts due to the 2015 storms and flooding in various parts of South Carolina.
As you can imagine, the great physical losses bring much emotional suffering as well. Your generosity and prayers will help to restore the hope that has been washed away. Please join me in prayer that the Holy Spirit may watch over and protect all affected by the storms and flooding. Those you have helped may never know of your contribution, but know that I am most grateful for your good works.
Most Reverend Robert E. Guglielmone is the Bishop of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Letters published do not necessarily reflect the views of the Southern Cross or of the Diocese of Savannah.

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