Letters to the Editor

Self-inflicted Harm

After reading Mary Hart’s column of 3/17 I’m led to believe that the problem of incarcerated drug offenders is of our own doing.
She insinuates that we should let them out, since they’re struggling already, and most committed non-violent crimes. With that logic we would also be obligated to release many more people, such as those who have embezzled or stolen. She confuses drug users with drug pushers, never offering statistics on the percent jailed for promoting drug use as active participants in the illegal drug industry.
Is selling drugs some youthful rite of passage? She criticizes the mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders. I doubt they were ignorant of the law when they made a conscious decision to engage in the illegal drug trade. Are we to blame for holding them accountable after giving them fair notice of the consequences? Our Lord told the women whom he saved from stoning to go and sin no more. 
We hold people accountable to stop from hurting themselves and others. We hold them accountable to see their wrong and turn to the virtuous path. Holding the sinner accountable so that they see the hurt they inflict and forgiving them is true mercy.
No one wants to pay to keep them in prison, or build more prisons. We would rather that they join society and be a positive force in this world. 
William O’Donnell, Savannah

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