Letters to the Editor


You disappoint me, Father Clark. I expected more from an intelligent man like yourself than was exhibited in your recent article, "It is time to call nonsense what it is: 'nonsense,'" appearing in the May 26, Southern Cross on transgenderism. At the very least, support from some qualified, unbiased groups looking into the physiological and psychological aspects of this should have been referenced as opposed to a single Vatican document. But, rather than get into “one-ups manship” on this, let me ask you a simple question: “What would Jesus do if he encountered a transgender person?”

He, like us, was truly human. He had to eliminate bodily waste just like everyone else. Yet, he was truly divine, meaning he was involved in the creation of these individuals. Moreover, unlike the rest of us, he would actually know and could identify transgender persons. Recall that, while here on earth, Jesus touched lepers, dined with prostitutes and thieves and spent a considerable time one afternoon alone with a Samaritan woman.
So, in light of this The Jubilee Year of Mercy—“What would Jesus do if he encountered a transgender person?”
Bill Trammell
St. Teresa of Avila Church
Grovetown GA

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