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Redemptive Struggle

With Fr. Doug Clark’s keen intellect and wit, he begins his May 26 commentary on the “bathroom” issue facing our country with a quote by John Harington. Not recognizing the name, I did a quick Google search and discovered that Sir John Harington is credited with inventing the modern flush toilet. I suspect the irony was intended by Fr. Clark. 
“Nonsense” is what Fr. Clark calls this absurd redefining of the most basic human reality of two distinct genders and of the longstanding societal norms designed to protect and respect the innate sexual differences between males and females. A harmful “gender ideology” is what Pope Francis calls it, and according to an Austrian Bishop, “demonic” is what Pope Francis has called it in private conversation. 
New York City officials recently published a list of 31 genders protected under the city’s anti discrimination laws. Like Fr. Clark, I find myself thinking “civilization as we know it appears to have ended.” On the other hand, I am daily inspired by the seniors in my high school morality class. Despite their own struggles, difficult family lives, or questions of faith, when they hear the truth, they recognize it, especially when it comes to matters of love and life. 
For those interested, I highly recommend a beautiful and timely video series produced by the Vatican which has been well received by many of my students and their parents. The Humanum Series is a 6-part reflection on male female complementarity and the importance of marriage. Each video lasts approximately 15 minutes and can be found on YouTube and Vimeo. God bless those who sincerely struggle reconciling their sense of self with their biological sex. They too may find these videos helpful and enlightening.
Gender ideology is not an issue that can be flushed away. We must pray, educate ourselves, and charitably engage in the conversation. With God’s grace and our cooperation, perhaps we can still redeem the times in which we live.
Thank you, Fr. Clark, for your excellent editorial. A must read for all!
Sally Kennedy
St. James the Less

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