Letters to the Editor

Gun Restrictions

According to Moises Sandoval (CNS) less guns will reduce deaths. I believe less guns would make one more vulnerable to those that want to do us harm. Mr. Sandoval’s way of thinking would make the criminal element more emboldened.
Suicide is always a great tragedy but guns are not the only way people end their lives. According to the CDC, suicide deaths by guns are 21,175, suffocation suicides 10,062 and poisoning 6,637. This is a far cry from what Mr. Sandoval’s quote from President Obama was. I believe if person didn’t have a gun and wanted to end their life that they would find another way.
People who own firearms have a responsibility to secure them away from children at all times.
Mr. Sandoval praised President Obama’s effort to pass common sense gun laws however, these laws are ineffective and criminals do not obey laws. That is why they are called criminals. The President only wants to restrict our gun rights, period! Our constitution guarantees its citizens “The Right to Bear Arms.”
I believe God has charged us with the security and obligation to protect our families and ourselves from those that would do us harm.
Mark Berndt
Sacred Heart Church
Warner Robins, GA


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