Letters to the Editor


(In reference to Catholic News Service’s report “Healing Racial Divides” in the July 21st issue)
Bishop Ricard told Catholic News Service, after the many recent killings, that people are asking the Catholic Church to “Give us some direction; show us some leadership. Show us our concerns are your concerns and that you are with us because we see ourselves under siege in many ways.” 
Well the Catholic Church and all churches have a huge part to play in healing the racial divide in this country, and the church can show leadership. And one way is to stop segregating our Catholic communities. Bishop Ricard is president of the National Black Catholic Congress. And I see some of the Southern Cross written in Spanish.I thought segregation was eliminated years ago, but the church seems to be perpetuating it. If we are truly all one why do some Bishops have to belong to a Black Group and some of our Catholic newspaper have to be printed in another language? Why can’t we all be one ?
After President Obama was elected, I thought the racial divide in the USA would become a past problem, but it seems it is escalating out of control.
We can only pray that level heads will bring our country back to one of helping one another and loving our neighbor as ourselves. If not, God help us all.
L. Taylor
Saint Matthew Church
Statesboro, GA

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