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Response to Mary Hood Hart's "Waging Warfare on U.S. Streets" (7-21-16)

Mary Hood Hart must be riddled with feelings of guilt to write in her article ‘Waging warfare on U.S. Streets’ 7/21/2016-“Those of us who are driven to seek justice and peace must recognize how we have contributed to the systems in place that have led to the violence we are now experiencing all too frequently…”
As  a Catholic born in Africa, (Happy to call myself an African –American), a mother and grandmother of seven—what did my family or I do to bring about, as Mary Hood Hart writes: “…mass shootings, police shootings, gun shootings and war”? What did I do to deserve to have my gun confiscated through either misguided compassion or ill-intentioned lawmakers?
No. Evil exists. Good, law-abiding people are at war with evil and evil is multifaceted. From radical Islam determined to wipe out Christianity and free societies to President Obama and certain media outlets distorting news of police brutality and racial inequality—in order to push their agenda of statism and attacking the Constitution of the United States of America.
Another evil is dependence on government which destroys hope, ambition and the joy of success in using our God given talents for the glory of God. Individuals and families who depend on welfare are beholden to the government and are caught in a vicious cycle, in fact, imprisoned to life-long poverty through the very checks they are now dependent on.
Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta told us we cannot have peace for as long as we allow abortion in our country. Our enemy, Satan, is at war with the Church and the family, with the essence of innocence—children. Mary Hood Hart asks if we want to live in a war zone. Of course the answer is a resounding “No.” The battle we are facing, from all directions has a common origin—the age old story of good versus evil. It’s not guns, nor the N.R.A, nor is it gun manufacturers that are to blame for evil. Nor is it those who want and have the constitutional right to protect themselves, their loved ones and their country by owning a blessed weapon.
No, we are at war with God himself—when we vote for pro-abortion politicians, a fundamental evil that is unleashing hell on Earth. 
We at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Macon promote ‘Our Lady of All Nations’ prayer in our perpetual Adoration Chapel. Mary Hood Hart has this right when she wrote: “Finally as Christians we are all called to prayerful actions.” Yes we must pray, we must end abortion, we must defend freedom. All lives matter.
Juliette Barry
Saint Joseph Church
Macon, GA

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