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Legitimate fear

Originally Appeared in : 9712-6/8/17

Moises Sandoval’s column on fear is worthy of closer examination. (Southern Cross Vol. 97 No. 11, May 25, 2010, page 5.)


A foreign student who has overstayed his student visa should be understandably anxious. However, there is no right or even expectation to remain on an H1-B visa – which are being used to displace Americans from their jobs. There’s a legitimate source of anxiety.


Those in the country illegally who are anxious about their condition should apply for legal status. Millions upon millions have eventually become citizens via this process. To characterize their situation as “crucifixion” though is beyond hyperbole. The implication that authorities can detain people simply to verify their legal status in the country is incorrect. However, authorities should verify identities – and thus status – for those they deal with in performing their duties.


That a nation possessing nuclear weapons is increasingly belligerent and erratic is legitimately concerning. We should be heartened that our leadership and military are acting to deter this aggression.


When one is feeling fearful, Scripture can be a great comfort. The Psalms in particular can provide courage and help quell anxiety.


Dan Knaue 
Sacred Heart
Warner Robins

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