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Faith and Reason

Originally Appeared in : 9726-12/21/17

Father Douglas K. Clark’s article ‘Fides et Ratio’ in the November 23, 2017 edition of the Southern Cross is greatly appreciated! 


The spread of socialism and communism, of class envy and misinformation is a threat to the freedoms we are blessed with under the Constitution of the United States of America. Father Clark’s knowledge of world history and his ability to shine a light on the menace of dictatorship through the vehicles of socialism and communism is encouraging and should often be repeated!


At higher institutions of learning, many students are being indoctrinated to believe that competition, self-reliance, capitalism—and the essence of good, God Himself, evil!


Father Clark ends his article with: “The Catholic synthesis of faith and reason (Fides et ratio), which considers each individual human creature to possess a God-given dignity that must be respected from conception to natural death, has much to offer the world, if anyone will listen.”


We have unfortunately ample examples of the destructive and evil governments throughout the world who promote socialism and communism, promising the lie of ‘utopia’ in order to bring about sameness (after all, we wouldn’t want someone to have less than his neighbor) and all too sad, with this satanic government overreach, humans sacrifice everything, even their faith when they are made to comply.


Thank you Father Clark for shining the light of truth for your grateful flock!


Juliette Barry 
St. Joseph Church, Macon

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