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Letter to the Editor

Originally Appeared in : 9806-3/15/18

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In response to Mary Hood Hart column in the Southern Cross issue of 3/1/18, I ask this question: What came first? Was it gun worshipers or mass shootings?


In the sixties any teenager could buy a pistol, shotgun or rifle with minimum hindrance. Why? Because at that time, and in even in the seventies and eighties, mass murder with a firearm was a very rare occurrence.


So, what changed? What has driven young people to do this?


Did guns change? Not really. Most types of weapons have been available for decades. Some people are fixated on the description of the assault weapon. They look like the weapon of a professional solder. The reality is that any firearm is an assault weapon, if the intent of the user is to do harm to another person.


So, if guns have always been here, and mass shootings are a relatively recent phenomenon, then why?


Could it be that we have devalued  and dismantled the foundation of a civil society, the family? The family, where adults teach their children by word and example how to be a responsible person, respectful of others?


Could it be that we no longer teach the virtues of integrity, discipline, accountability, self control, and moral responsibility?


Could it be that we’ve abandoned these principles that helped to build this country, and replaced them with self gratification, and moral relativism?


Here is one truth that I do know.  You could remove all the guns in the country and never make another one. Then the next mass murder will be someone plowing a car through a group of school children as they walk from their bus to the front door of their school.


William O’Donnell

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