Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Originally Appeared in : 9815-7/19/18

Once again it is becoming clear that the Catholic church has no understanding of how the border crisis has an effect on the poor and vulnerable in this country and other countries. The border is an area that has a lot of crime associated with it that includes sex trafficking, slavery, and drugs. In addition, the bishops did not have a problem when President Obama was doing the same tactics, and it seems to be self aggrandizement that they want and not real concern with the poor that they should be more concerned with. They do not have a plan on how to fix the immigration problems and only want to make false claims and threats.


Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller also has no understanding of the law and how it protects women and children. Separating children from grown adults who may or may not be their parents is a safety measure and not “torture” as stated by the Archbishop. Furthermore, if the family wants to seek asylum in the United States they only need to go to a border entry point. In addition, they would not be separated from their children if they have documentation that the children do belong to them. If the adults want to break the law and sneak into the country, in violation of the law, they will be separated to verify family and insure the safety of the children and the country.


It is sad that the bishops in the United States are more concerned with faking outrage with one type of president and not another. It shows a type of evil that the bishops would not care about the crimes that are perpetrated on the children that they say they care about! If they truly care and want to help then why do they not open shelters in Mexico to insure they are safe Why do they not use their influence in Mexico, a prominently Catholic country, to keep family together in shelters! This just shows that they do not want to find a solution but want to divide people on an issue to make themselves feel better about themselves! Very disappointing!

Pat Cioffi
Sacred Heart Church
Warner Robins

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