Letters to the Editor

In defense of our priests

Originally Appeared in : 9820-9/27/18

“Where evil abounds, grace abounds more.” I too have been shocked and saddened by the grievous scandal afflicting our Church – once again. Why did our Lord Jesus warn us about: “wolves in sheep’s clothing?” Precisely for moments like this when scandal shakes our faith! Only those whose houses are built on the mercifully Strong Rock, the Almighty, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our victorious king of the Universe, our Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God!


It concerns me greatly that our holy, awesome Priests find themselves having to ask forgiveness for sins committed by other Priests!



They are faithful servants of the Most Hight and are obeying God’s will by bringing Heaven down to us at the Sacrifice of the Mass – and us to Heaven, through their consecrated, pure hands. We praise and thank God for them!



It should not surprise us when evil finds its way into our Church; our enemy has been attacking it from its conception! The way we react to the continuous onslaught from those who hate the Church is by the simple example given us by Jesus, to remain faithful to Him and His Church He founded.


Yes, it’s good to do reparation for sin – all sin – to unite our sufferings with those of Our Lord Jesus’ sufferings, to bring about healing and help in a world that has lost its way, so much so that Jesus asked if He would find any faith when He returns the second time? Now is the time to grow in our faith, to encourage one another and to enjoy that great gift Our Lord gives us, peace that passes all understanding. TO support, with love our holy Priests.


To REALLY live, is to live victoriously unafraid within our beloved Catholic Church, which is the narrow road that leads to eternal life!



Thank you Bishop Hartmayer and thank you all our wonderful Priests, we love you!


As St. Pope John Paul the Great taught us: “Be not afraid!”


God bless,


Juliette Barry

St. Joseph
Macon, GA


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