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Our battle is against evil--not guns

Originally Appeared in : 9901-1/3/19
As a wife, mother and grandmother I naturally pray that my family as well as all those around us, our great country, in fact all the world could live in peace and harmony.
I am pro-life and in favor of self defense and defending our family from outside attack. Therefore I’m pro-Second Amendment.
God be praised—our wise, God fearing Founding Fathers knew the importance of self defense and the necessity of enabling the citizens to protect themselves from those who don’t value life nor the laws of the land.
Guns do not commit crimes, people do—in fact where guns are banned the crime rate is staggeringly higher. It makes sense that criminals would choose to target those who cannot defend themselves.
May Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Americas—Our Lady of the Universe put an end to the culture of death so that life is protected in all its stages from conception to natural death. We pray that we will see the day when we can celebrate a culture of life, when guns are no longer needed.
God bless,
Juliette Barry
St. Joseph Church
Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Mary Hood Hart's Dec. 6 column "When active shooter scare comes too close to home."

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