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Adoptive mother is pro-life

Originally Appeared in : 9913-6/20/19
The heartbeat bill signed into law in Georgia on May 7 by Governor Kemp created expected backlash and anger from Hollywood and pro-choice advocates. So did the recently released movie Unplanned, which depicts the true story of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson. No surprise. However, I am continually dismayed by the strong opinions of misguided Catholics and other Christians who claim to share pro-life views with some “exceptions.” There are no exceptions.'
We all have a responsibility, an obligation, as Catholics and as Christians, to stand for life, to help avoid those tragedies we read about in the news when young women are driven through a set of circumstances to the brink of desperation and despair. We must seek out the many opportunities we have in our world to help those in need during their pregnancies—with care and with compassion.
 Though there are many current societal issues which may seem open to interpretation and debate, this is one thing we can and should agree on. Abortion takes a life. Taking a life is intrinsically evil.
As an adoptive mother of two beautiful children whose birth mothers gave them life through trying circumstances, I can only begin to understand what an unplanned pregnancy means at its beginning. I can, however, tell you what two unplanned pregnancies mean several years later. They mean a little boy who smiles with his whole face and a little girl with bouncing curls who never stops moving.
Kimberly Samaha
St. Joseph Parish, Augusta

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