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Called to a consistent ethic of life

Originally Appeared in : 9913-6/20/19
The article on the front page of the May 23 issue regarding the support of Americans for Life for the recent Alabama abortion bill was troubling. Once again, an organization claiming to represent the pro-life movement has been duped by legislators posing as champions for life.
There is nothing easier for a legislator to do than vote for legislation that will garner votes and cost nothing. It is the taxpayers of Alabama who will foot the bill to defend a law certain to fail when it hits the federal courts. This bill was passed for political gain and has nothing to do with the well-being of the people of Alabama, least of all the poor and the vulnerable.
This legislature is all about ending abortion, but seems perfectly happy to sit back and do nothing about a state that has the 3rd highest infant mortality rate in the nation. Among the 50 states, it ranks 45th in economic opportunity, 46th in access to healthcare, and 50th in education. It has chosen not to expand Medicaid, leaving over 300,000 of its low-income citizens without health insurance coverage.
Does it matter to Americans for Life that Alabama has the highest capital punishment rate per capita in the United States? Where is the consistent ethic of life?
It appears that those who grab the headlines for the pro-life movement look only to laws that limit abortions and turn a blind eye to the more complicated, costly and difficult issues of care for both the born and the unborn. They seek to do little more than dictate to women what they can and cannot do. As to their concern about other issues the “least of these” suffer, I hear a deafening silence.
Bill Broker
Blessed Sacrament, Savannah

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