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Prolife strategy

Originally Appeared in : 9914-7/4/19
If Mary Hood Hart was looking for a reason as to why pro-lifers are not spreading their efforts among other life issues as she attempts to rally in her article, “All for one life and one life for all,” she need not look any further than the actual date that her article was printed, June 6, D-Day. On D-Day, Allies combined forces in one mass attack on the beaches of France in an effort to free France from Nazi control and to begin the end of World War II. Ally leaders had studied and realized that this collective mass attack on Normandy would change the course of the war and ultimately change the course of history for the better.
Pro-lifers realize this same strategy. Abortion is at the core of the culture of death. At over 1,400 deaths a day, it has a higher mortality rate than all American wars combined. Pro-lifers know the secret, end abortion and that will lead to the end of a death mentality.
The issues that Mary Hood Hart mentions: Medicare cuts, border control, capital punishment, climate change, war, all of these concerns pale in comparison to the number of lives lost in abortion not to mention the mental effects on the mothers. If abortion was done out in the open, and if media reported it with pictures and stories, there would no longer be a debate as to where pro-lifers should put their energies.
“Pro-life people need to do all we can to end the bloodshed,” says Hood Hart. Just as more than 156,000 troops descended upon the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, beginning the end of World War II, pro-lifers are wisely putting their efforts together to end the bloodshed of abortion and ultimately the culture of death.
Rose Bernard
St. Joseph Church
Augusta, GA

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