Letters to the Editor

Prolife witness

Originally Appeared in : 9914-7/4/19

As a prolife witness for decades I need to respond to Mrs. Hart’s commentary of June 6. The article is a clear example of the seamless garment thinking of the late Cardinal Bernardin. Disparate issues are given the same moral weight. The distinction between what is intrinsically evil and what is a matter of prudential judgment is ignored. Issues that are essentially important are trivialized and other issues are given more importance than they deserve. A state’s use of the death penalty for a convicted criminal is not morally equivalent to abortion. But if that state admitted executing a man they knew was innocent, that would be as evil as abortion.


We have become so accepting of abortion that the governor of North Carolina can now advocate for killing the baby after birth. Any guess what the outrage would be if he admitted to intentionally executing an innocent man? No one would be defending him because he was good on illegal aliens or so called “man-made” climate change.


Mark Kennedy
Savannah, GA

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