Letters to the Editor

Response to the article 'Beyond prayers, U.S. bishops stress action after deadly shootings'

Originally Appeared in : 9920-9/26/19

Again, the United States is dealing with two deadly shootings that have left many people in this country devastated and asking why. Unfortunately, I am reading in the Southern Cross paper only platitudes from the U.S. Bishops and I was surprised how little thought was given in their response to the two tragic shootings. As a Catholic community we should look deeper into it and reading some articles I noted that Dr. Gregory Jantz has found some disturbing trends.


The best response to this tragedy would be to give meaningful actions that the Church can do and not give and ask politicians for easy solutions. (e.g. Ban all guns) The U.S. Bishops should be working on mentoring programs for boys, promoting scouts or other actions to help guide boys into adulthood. Instead of the hard work needed, the Church appears to be turning their backs and giving politically correct answers to please the vocal minority within the media. This solves nothing and will lead to more people being devastated and young men lost in today's society.


Patrick Cioffi
Sacred Heart Church
Warner Robins  


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