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Uncivilized society

Originally Appeared in : 9920-9/26/19

The articles in the Southern Cross (Aug. 15, 2019) concerning the shootings in El Paso and Dayton miss the mark about what’s happening in our culture. Mrs. Hoods’ article unwittingly points to it though. She mentions civilized society, as if we are one, but we are not. Our technology and level of education does not mean we are civilized.


We have rejected God and are reaping the fruits of that rejection. We embrace evil and demand it be called good and then react with shock that there is evil in our society. We have had guns from the beginning of our nation’s founding: They are not the evil: The evil is telling God we will not listen to him.


The truly disheartening story is a column on page 2 about Catholic rejection of the True Presence. The inexpressible God veiled in the humility of the Eucharist is rejected by men who call themselves Catholics. The only hope mankind has is insulted and called only a symbol. God himself humbly comes to offer whatever good we need, and we say no and then blame someone or something else for our evils.


Mark Kennedy
St. James Church


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