Retreat brings high school students closer to God

Students in prayer

Every year during Lent the high school students at St. Anne-Pacelli attend a one day religious retreat with their class to foster their love of the Lord. This year the group leading the event was the National Evangelization Team or NET Ministries. NET Ministries has several groups of college age students traveling around the continental US inspiring teenagers to grow in their faith. The St. Anne-Pacelli family was blessed to have their presence during the week of March 26th.

On this retreat, students began by playing simple ice breaker games, but as the day went on the leaders addressed the retreat’s theme: Choose Your Own Adventure. Students got to hear life stories from people who are similar in age which was easy to relate to. Along with serious talks there were some not so serious skits.  Regardless, they each conveyed a message that was valuable. At the end of the retreat, the students had an hour of prayer time.

As a junior who attended the day long retreat, Emily Ray says that she most enjoyed being in her small group. She says, “I got the chance to open up to my classmates. Our leader, Jennifer, was always there to talk if we needed anything.” The students were all in agreement that this experience provided a unique opportunity to get to know students that they might not normally talk to on a whole new level. Mr. Chardos, a religion teacher at the high school responded to the question, “Do you see a change in your students by the end of the week of retreats?” and he said that he clearly did, but even better he sees the positive effects not by the end of the week, but “by the end of the day.” This is a fantastic opportunity for the school’s students promoting “prayer, sacraments, investment, and service”. These lessons will stick with the students as they move onto college. They all had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year’s retreat.

By Marisa Nunez and Emily Ray, members of the St. Anne-Pacelli Class of 2013


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