Bishop's Annual Appeal Easter Message

April 27, 2017


Peace and all good things!


Our celebration of the great mystery of Easter is a challenge to look deeply into the empty tomb and consider what it really means, not just for Jesus, but for us.


He is risen.  But are we? Do we lived as a redeemed people?  He is no longer to be found among the dead, but among the living.  Is the same true for us?


Sometimes, it is easier for us to remain in the tomb: depressed or anxious, no matter how painful it is than it is for us to straighten up or settle down or to do something about our life’s burdens.  Sometimes, it is easier for us remain in the tomb; trapped in a job or a life style or an addiction than it is for us to break free.  Sometimes, it is easier for us to remain in the tomb and be a victim and be preoccupied with our own needs than it is to take responsibility for ourselves, for others and for the world.


Quite frankly sometimes it is easier to roll over and play dead than it is for us to act alive.


The empty tomb presents us with endless opportunities to look ahead and to move forward, to live, to be grateful for all God’s blessings and to look hopefully to the real possibility of our own resurrection into eternal life.


These are the real possibilities that Easter presents to us each year.  Easter calls us to a brand new vision.  God did not make us to lie in a tomb or to be burdened by a gloom and doom view of the world.


During this Easter season, please remember the good work your support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal will accomplish, especially the education of our future priests and our ministry to the poor among us.


Please accept my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for all the ways in which you support the Lord’s work of the diocese.


Wishing you a most joyous Easter season, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Most Reverend Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.
Bishop of Savannah


Please consider supporting the Bishop’s Annual Appeal with a gift or pledge by May 30th.

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