Father Douglas K. Clark, pastor, Saint Matthew Church, Statesboro, blesses the newly acquired ultrasound installed at Choices of the Heart, an independent pro-life medical crisis pregnancy center in Statesboro. Photograph by Tim Williams/Southern Cross.

Statesboro ultrasound machine saves lives

Originally Appeared in : 9721-10/12/17

At Choices of the Heart, an independent pro-life medical crisis pregnancy center in Statesboro, a recently donated ultrasound machine means ultrasounds can be offered to the women they serve even after traditional doctors’ offices have closed for the night. “Women who see their babies on the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat are much more likely to choose life,” said Allison Waters, Executive Director of Choices of the Heart.


Carolyn Couch, a Choices of the Heart board member and St. Matthew’s Parish Council of Catholic Women member spoke about the importance of being able to perform ultrasounds quickly and without having to wait for an appointment “This way we've got the ultrasound machine right at our facility and we can take her right into the next room and show her a picture of her baby and let her listen to her baby's heartbeat. Lives are being saved right here in Statesboro.” 


This machine was purchased through the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative, a program that allows crisis pregnancy centers to buy machines at a discounted rate, with half of the money being donated by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus, and in this case the other half was raised by local Knights of Columbus Council 14275, the Saint Matthew’s Parish Council of Catholic Women, and Saint Mathew's Parish. 


According to Executive Director Waters all of the women they serve have grown up after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in America, and resources like this ultrasound machine combat a culture that often tells women that abortion is the answer to an unplanned pregnancy. “And so when we're able to say to them you do have a choice that just because you didn't mean to get pregnant does not mean that you have to have an abortion. And there are alternatives for you that can be life giving and good for you and good for your baby. It is really a beautiful thing to be able to offer those women those choices,” Waters said.


Tim Williams is videographer/production assistant for the Diocese of Savannah.

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