Catechumens, accompanied by their sponsors, sign the Book of the Elect at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist February 18. Approximately 95 catechumens diocese-wide will be fully initiated into the Church this Easter. Photograph by Jessica L. Marsala.

More than 300 to be fully initiated into the Church this Easter

Originally Appeared in : 9805-3/1/18

For some like Caroline Holland, 15, family plays a huge part in making the decision to enter the Catholic Church.


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I have grown up in the Church my entire life. I’ve gone but I just never got baptized,” Caroline Holland, a parishioner of St. Patrick Church in Kathleen, said, later adding that all of her brothers and sisters have already made their First Communion. Holland was among approximately 95 who signed the Book of the Elect at the February 17 and 18 Rites of Election, at St. Joseph Church in Macon and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah, respectively.  “My mother really influenced me: During Church she would explain to me what the deacon was talking about, what the priest meant and she really explained the meaning of becoming Catholic to me.”  


But for others, like Will Scarborough, who attends Christ the King Church in Pine Mountain with his wife and sponsor Rachel, the sacramental and liturgical nature of the Church in particular, is attractive. 


A former Baptist and likely the first Catholic in his family, he believes, since the Reformation, Scarborough said that as a result of the discussions he had after college with a friend, who had attended seminary and converted to the Eastern Orthodox faith from Lutheranism, he “became more and more convinced of the legitimacy of the historical Church and methodology, which of course is not anything like the Baptists do and that led me to be Catholic.”


“Obviously how organized everything is and how everything has a purpose behind it: It’s not just show, to have show. There’s actually a reason and purpose behind everything that’s occurring. And there’s historical backing to 99 percent of it,” Scarborough said of what he has discovered through the RCIA process. Scarborough was one of approximately 220 previously baptized candidates who stood and were recognized for their call to continuing conversion February 18 and 19. “And that struck me more and more as I’ve gone along and how every single piece does fit together. I used to think there was a lot of frivolity in it all until I dug deeper and deeper.”


Jessica L. Marsala is Assistant to the Editor at the Southern Cross.

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