Powering Potential Excellence in Teaching awards presented at annual Diocesan Education Institute

Originally Appeared in : 9821-10/11/18

The Powering Potential Excellence in Teaching (PPET) Award was established in 2017 to recognize, promote and encourage exemplary teaching in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Savannah. Eligibility for nomination of this award requires that a nominee be a full-time classroom teacher holding proper certification from the State of Georgia that has taught in any class/grade in grades K – 12 for a minimum of five (5) completed years in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Savannah. The candidate should be an exceptionally skilled, dedicated teacher who is planning to continue actively teaching in the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools system.


Candidates are nominated by the school president/principal. Nominees have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues and play an active and contributing role in the parish community. An award recipient serves as an ambassador for the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools and must be poised, confident and articulate.


Although the Powering Potential Excellence in Teaching Award is scheduled to be presented annually, an award need not be granted in a given year, if, in the judgment of the award committee, the stipulated criteria of the award have not been met.


2018 PPET Winner: Jeannie Marlow.
2018 PPET Finalist: Lucinda Simpson.

This year, the Award Committee awarded the Powering Potential Excellence in Teaching Award to a winner and one finalist. The 2018 award winner is Jeannie Marlowe, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, Savannah. The 2018 award finalist is Lucinda Simpson, St. Joseph Catholic School, Macon.


The awards, as well as other service awards, were presented during the annual Diocesan Education Institute (DEI) Oct. 3-5 in Atlanta, whose diocese partnered with Savannah's for the event for the first time. Approximately 1,100 teachers attended this year's institute, which featured a keynote by speaker John Antonetti.


According to Catholic Schools Superintendent Michelle Kroll, though the DEI includes opportunities for teachers and administrators throughout the Diocese of Savannah to be recognized for their service and to attend Mass together, it is "primarily for their professional development, to learn new skills, to learn new information about assessment or strategies for instruction in their classroom, understanding behavioral and developmental differences amongst children so they get a variety of sessions. We also built into the DEI a time for them to collaborate with other teachers that are either at their grade level or their content area."

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