Father John Johnson takes a selfie with students at SEEK. Photograph by Father John Johnson.

Students, campus ministry leaders, 'Encounter Something More' at biannual SEEK conference

Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19

More than 50 college students, one chaplain and two campus ministers from the Diocese of Savannah journeyed to Indianapolis, Indiana, Jan. 3-7 for the biannual SEEK Conference., hosted by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).


“So my experience was just kind of astounding to see how much is happening in the Church and specially in the way of young people and the vitality that was very evident,” Father John Johnson, a first-time SEEK attendee, said. Father Johnson, campus ministry chaplain at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro and pastor of St. Christopher Church in Claxton and its missions, also noted that his experience administering the sacrament of reconciliation while attendees participated in adoration was particularly powerful because he saw students have a fresh “encounter with a living God...”


Over the course of five days, the group attended Mass and adoration with 17,000 attendees from around the country, hundreds of missionaries and approximately 400 priests, as well as various keynotes and breakout sessions relating to this year’s theme “Encounter Something More.”


Georgia Southern University junior Abigail Hennessey wrote in an email that SEEK’s sessions provided her “with a suit of armor.”


“I understand the teachings of the Church better and will be able to stand firm in those teachings. They taught me to be unapologetic about what I believe,” Hennessey said. She also wrote in the email that SEEK gave her a “taste of heaven” and a “swift glance at what the world could look like if we set the world on fire.” “I shouldn’t be soft with my beliefs just because they are unpopular. They also helped me to realize how popular beliefs hurt the world and how important it is to bring others to the true truth of Christ.”

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