Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv., displays the newly added signatures in the Book of the Elect at the Rite of Election in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Savannah. Photograph by Michael J. Johnson.

Rite of Election celebrated in Warner Robins, Savannah

Originally Appeared in : 9906-3/14/19

The 88 catechumens (see list of names below) preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation—Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist—at Easter Vigil Masses in the Diocese of Savannah—were invited to celebrate the Rite of Election with Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv., at two locations, Sacred Heart Parish, Warner Robins, on March 9 and the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Savannah, March 10. They were joined by 231 previously baptized candidates (see list of names below) for full communion with the Catholic Church, who were “called to continuing conversion” at the same ceremonies. View more photographs on our Smugmug gallery


All will be welcomed into the Church, at their local parishes, during the Easter Vigil Mass April 20.



By means of the processes described in the document, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults),participating non-baptized persons become catechumens, and catechumens become full members of the Catholic Church by means of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist, which are referred to as the Sacraments of Initiation.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah
Henry Sylvester
Church of the Holy Family, Columbus
Mary Magdalene Cabus, Jade Dervan, Kry Nikalani, Jeanne Ann Ainsworth 
Good Shepherd, Hazlehurst
Edna Arismel Hidalgo
Most Holy Trinity, Augusta 

Catechumen-- Abigail Dixon, St. Matthew Church, Statesboro.  A member of the Catholic Eagles at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro 

“On the on again off again program – involved in RCIA for two years. I really like the history – you can see every step of the way where all these things came from. You can see that this is the truth. This is where it comes from in the Bible, it’s where it comes from a tradition like it’s not just a book. You have the oral traditions as well.”

Gregory Pealer
Our Lady of Lourdes, Port Wentworth
Richard Sampson
Our Lady Star of the Sea, St. Mary’s
Ashley Jeffcoat 
Sacred Heart, Savannah
Tyler Worthington
Sacred Heart, Warner Robins
MaryAnn Chavez, Brandon Brian Hazlett, John David Meeler, Michael Vernon Prohaska
St. Anne, Columbus
Michelle (Alex) Buenavista, Ava Connolly, Sean Hanks, Jamie Land, Charlotte Leo, Lauren Leo,   Michael Oakes, Sasha Pearson, Jackson Pierce, Taylor Vitkovitsky, Michaela Cowin, Dalton Simpson
St. Anne, Richmond Hill
Cherry Davenport (Cao Hongju), Jimmy Davenport (Runze Zhou), Karen Johnson, Kathy Jones, Helen Zhu
St. Augustine, Thomasville
Joseph Butler, Vernocia Garcia, Eduaro Garcia Jr.
St. Benedict the Moor, Savannah
Chad Jenkins, Chayse Jenkins, Chelsie Jenkins, Joshua Jenkins
St. Boniface, Springfield
Christin Thieme
St. Frances Cabrini, Savannah
David Kenneth Cox, Carol Jones, Makayla Janae Roberts
St. Francis of Assisi, Folkston
Jonathan Poleski, Jaylan Williams
St. Francis Xavier, Brunswick
Christopher Alonzo-Flores, Susan M. Clark, Ana Gabriela Jimenez Sanchez, Christian Lazos Mendoza, Brooke L. Orange, Jasmin Perez, Christian Ramirez-Sanchez, Leydi Ramirez-Sanchez, Jonathan Soledad, Karina Valier, Sarah M. Wagner
St. James the Less, Savannah
Hannah Gaddy
St. John the Evangelist, Valdosta 
Caitlynnfay L. Buckley, Alyssa Marie Gosche, Matt J. McMurray, Alecia Kathleen Huffmaster Pina, Bernard Joseph Wortman III  
St. Joseph, Augusta 

Catechumen-- Eli Davis, St. Joseph Church, Augusta

“Excited about entering the church at the  Easter vigil. RCIA is a great experience – a lot of people welcome you – they teach you things you didn’t really know about God, like the Ten Commandments ­— Where he is coming from—How Jesus restored us and took away our sins.”  Davis is 16 years old and attends Aquinas High School.

Rickey Lee Jackson, Elijah Davis, Chiazo Ezekannagha 
St. Joseph, Macon
David Rutland
St. Mary on the Hill, Augusta
Mandy Maness, John Wallace
St. Matthew, Statesboro 
Amanda Craig, Abigail Dixon, Megan Siefert
St. Patrick, Moody AFB, Valdosta
Matthew Groves  
St. Peter the Apostle, Savannah
Ashley Andrews, DJ Heaton   
St. Rose of Lima, Baxley
Linwood T. B. Rowland 
Sts. Peter and Paul, Savannah
Chris Dao, Hien Le, Phuoc T Pham 
St. Stephen First Martyr, Hinesville
James Pomeroy
St. Teresa, Albany
Anastasia Cox, Lashaun Townsend
St. Teresa of Avila, Grovetown
David Sabovich, Ashton Stringer, Chris Bailey, Brittany Fussell 



Those inquirers previously baptised in another Christian faith but have not yet received the sacrament of Confirmation.


Blessed Sacrament, Savannah
Melissa Gaule, Ralph Kennickell, Janice Michaels, Dale Murray, Greg Murrell, Nina Jo Poletta
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah
Linda Marie Cooney, Brenda Coleman Denmark, Scott Putman Jones, Sheryll D. Schumacher, Todd K. Sheffield, Steven Morgan Sinclair, Caroline Smith, Robert Smith, Todd Turner
Christ the King, Pine Mountain 

Candidate --Jacqueline Moyer,  Christ the King Church, Pine Mountain

“My mom, after her divorce, she was working two jobs, working weekends and back then in the 80s divorce wasn't exactly accepted as much as it is now. So she just kind of felt like she was being, I guess, chastised a little, looked down upon for the fact that this was their second marriage--divorce. So she kind of separated herself. But now she's back to going to church where she lives in South Dakota now, and so she's really happy that I went back to church and my mother in law who's actually my sponsor, she's super happy that I'm getting my Confirmation and everything.  (I’m excited) about being part of the community and kind of just embracing being part of the Church. It’s kind of exciting in a way ... to be part of something bigger than myself.”
“With my daughter, I’ve always believed in God and everything but...she had cancer when she was a baby. She’s in remission, been in remission for 7, 8 years. That’s why I really wanted to go back. But my husband wasn’t ready. So it’s kind of now making her part of it because she’s our little miracle. She was 21 months old when she had cancer so it was a little bit difficult. She got me wanting to go back to church but then I had just waited until family wise we were ready. 

David Donald Bonsall, Jacqueline Mae Moyer 
Church of the Holy Family, Columbus
Myong Suk Hope, Nicholas J. Hope, Dustin James Hudgins, Tarec Gonzalez, Will Swafford, Ashlyn Bernadino 
Immaculate Conception Dublin
Peggy Hobby, Lillian Kight, Jack Martin, Robin Martin, Sarah Martin, Daniella Rogers, Johnathan Rogers, Matthew Rogers
Immaculate Conception, Moultrie
Karla Arredondo Solorio 
Most Holy Trinity, Augusta
Brittany Conde, Ariella Simmons, James Bryan III, Kenneth Lord
Nativity of Our Lady, Darien
William Fitzhugh Ali 
Our Lady of Lourdes, Port Wentworth
Victoria Glidden, Joshua Smith
Our Lady Star of the Sea, St. Marys
Dominic Deluca, Jet Dooley, Patricia Ann Gaskill, Erik Haines, Madison Haines
Our Lady Star of the Skies, AFB
Robert Allen Armitage, Carl J. (CJ) Lashley, Lisa L. Lashley
Resurrection of Our Lord, Savannah
Johnny Robinson, Elizabeth J. Sanchell
Sacred Heart, Savannah
Teresa Johnson Bohach, Mariana Rivera  
Sacred Heart, Vidalia
Saul Mota Alfonso, Evaristo Diaz, Maria Matilda Miranda, Pascuala Perez Perez 
Sacred Heart, Warner Robins
Justin Elijah Andrews, Brianna Lynn Boydston, D’Aundrea Besha Bryant, Gary Eugene Crenshaw, Cherish Hope Dempsey, George H. Ellard, Michael D. Fearing, Glenn Harrelson, Patricia Howell, Savannah Nicole Morreira, Essie N. Pipkin, DeeAnn Robinson,  Landon Taylor Roe, Joel Scott-Barmore Russell, Gina Shremshock 
St. Anne, Columbus
Teresa Berni, Landon Bush, Peter Bush III, Baneza Gonzalez, Katie Hall, Joan Jansen, Aida Joslin, Sharon Magpantay, Kaitlin Moye, Nikki Oakes, Kelly Peledge, Kaitlyn (Rose) Richau, Tara Spear, Keith Topper, Melvin Woodruff, Sahairizion Carter   
St. Anne, Richmond Hill
Jesse Barlow, Mollie Carter, John Davenport, Deborah King, Thomas King, Angela Novelli, Kristina O’Sako, Christopher Ralston, Robert Reece, Sybil Theus, Joann Windeler
St. Augustine, Thomasville
Katrina Herrera, Grace Gonzales, Francisco Tomas Morales, Frida Ruiz, Jose Conos Ruiz Jr., Regelio Tomas Sebastion
St. Benedict the Moor, Columbus
Kendrea Nekeah Myle
St. Benedict the Moor, Savannah 

Candidate --Myron Pierce, St. Teresa Church, Albany

“It's interesting because the last several weeks through the class I've mentioned in the class that when I come into the church and I genuflect or I make a sign of the cross, I’m welcoming God into my life, immediately I'm welcoming God as the number one thing in my life. I never did that before in other churches. You know when you walk in, you look around, you speak to other people, you sit down and you start the service. But the first thing I do in the Catholic Church as I walk in and I say hello to God. That was what was missing. I realized that little point --and I guess it’s not really a little point-- but that particular moment was when I realized that that's what I was missing. I was missing the respect, the reverence that I was wanting to give to God. I wasn't doing that in my former churches. We were afraid of God in my first church. We were more just singing to God in the second church. But now I'm actually speaking to God. I feel like I'm speaking to God every time I walk into church.”

Joelle Hamilton, Jhordan Holmes, Jayden Jones, Tori White, Desiree Lovett
St. Boniface, Springfield
Tami Brant, Steve Gobrogge, Jade Grace, Kerry Owen
St. Frances Cabrini, Savannah
Renee Howard, Christian Alarcon-Avila
St. Francis Xavier, Brunswick
Anita K. Acklin, Jason R. Clark, David Cruz Cruz, Marco G. Cruz-Cruz, Marilyn K. Gooch, Sean S. Haskell, Joey Dario Hernandez-Cruz, Philip D. Kelly, Jennifer S. Kodros, Carrie R. Lewis, William H. Lones, Brittany N. Noufer, Adamariiz Santiago-Hernandez, Annamaria Rojas, Michael Santiago-Hernandez, Hugo Ortiz Hernandez
St. James the Less, Savannah
Mary Kay Brunson, Andria Douglass, Sarah Hoffman, Amy Thornton, Matthew Wing  
St. John the Evangelist, Valdosta
Rachel Eleanor Gardiner, Dylan Joseph Kramer, Jenny Yong Kramer, Naomi Lynn Kramer, Frederick H. Plitt Jr. 
St. Joseph, Augusta
Erik Hooker, Tommy Hunt
St. Joseph, Bainbridge
Jacqueline Mendoza, Carla Dean Sanford
St. Joseph, Macon
Julia Callahan, Ehizogie Okojie, Samuel Rasul, Kevin Salazar, Sam Salazar
St. Joseph, Waycross
Kristen McElreath
St. Mary, Americus
Andrea Casarrubias Galeano, Esperanza Casarrubias Galeano, Marcos Casarrubias Nava, Gustavo Castillo, Mario Diaz Diaz, Susan Hayslip, Victoria Howard, Florentina Santiz Lopez, Hannah White, Indira Magaly Zelaya
St. Mary on the Hill, Augusta
Pierce Blitch, Pamela Chafee, Judson Conkle, Leslie DeWarenne-Borjon, Jennifer Duncan, LeAnn Evans, Charles Evans Jr., Lorna Heil, Justin Henderson, Ali Menger, Taylor Jade Menger, Nicole Nelson, Lindsy Richards, Marie Romero, Richard Slaby, Richard Sterling, Eleanor Taylor, Brittany Thompson, John Wagner, Charlar Weigle, John Weigle, Lauren Huffman
St. Matthew, Statesboro
Alexandra Gilbert, Karen Swift  
St. Michael, Tybee Island
Townley Smith  
St. Patrick, Moody AFB, Valdosta
Danielle Curley, Brent Haggen, Melissa Valeich
St. Peter Claver, Macon
Bryan Alexander Gutierrez, Mayra Hernandez, Christian Manuel Jacinto, Pedro Ramirez Lopez, Roberto Rivas Martinez, Edith Rodriguez, Olga Torres, Rodolfo Valentino de Leon      
St. Peter the Apostle, Savannah
Shawn Heaton, Mary Tyler Paradise, Phillip Paradise, Gregory Schnabel
St. Stephen, First Martyr, Hinesville
Mary Nevarez, Peter Seo, Daniel Vasquez
St. Teresa, Albany 
James “Cade” Cummings, Myron Pierce, Grant Walker
St. Teresa of Avila, Grovetown
Mark Almes, Alondra Castro, Yesenia Castro, James Crutchfield, Kristina Crutchfield, Eric Fulmer, Gary Hamilton, Javier Hamilton, Elizabeth Joiner, Sarah Johnson, Jamie Marshall, Colleen McNally, Bridget Meyer, Stephanie Morano, Stephen Morphew, Shawn Ousley, Diana Rumbaut, Jose Rumbaut, Keith Shackelford, Vance Tevid, Elizabeth Villagomez
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