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Originally Appeared in : 9909-4/25/19


  •  The new site was designed to be an information resource – to answer questions about the Catholic faith and about the activities of the diocese.
  •  To deliver the best experience for our users, the new site is fully responsive across all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones), with intuitive navigation and a touchscreen-friendly look and feel. We have also reconfigured the site’s underlying data structure to make searching faster and exploring easier.



  •  A site-wide document management system (to ensure that from the Marriage Tribunal to Child and Youth Protection, users will always have access to the latest versions of important forms and other documents)
  •  Interactive maps with search filters (you can search for a parish, school or social service outreach center by ZIP code or by features such as Spanish Masses, etc.)
  •  Interactive image galleries.
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