Miracle healing service held

Originally Appeared in : 9922-10/24/19

MACON--They came because they sought healing, or perhaps because they were curious about went on at a Charismatic healing service. Some came alone, but most gathered close to the front of St. Joseph Church, Macon, in groups of two to four friends and family. Over 100 people joined the service.


The Charismatic Renewal in the United States traces its beginnings to a retreat held at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where many of the attendees experienced a baptism in the spirit. There are now over 9 million Charismatic Catholics in the U.S.


Team members place hands on an individual seeking physical healing during the Oct. 14 Miracle Healing Service at St. Joseph Church, Macon.
Photograph by Michael J. Johnson.

Chuck Hornsby is one of those 9 million and a Catholic member of the Alleluia Community in Augusta who traveled to Macon to hold the healing service.


“We want to create a space for the Lord to come and touch us with his love tonight,” Hornsby said, speaking to those in the pews. “We know you brought real needs and made real sacrifices to be here.”


Hornsby stressed that healing occurred due to the power of the Holy Spirit and for the glory of God.


The miracle healing service offered both spiritual and physical healing.


Spiritual healing was not about absolution but the spiritual healing provided through forgiving others.


Hornsby expertly guided the group in an examination of conscience.


“What are the barricades we put up to keep the Spirit from touching our hearts?” he asked.


Naming fear, doubt, hopelessness, and pride as demons that can hinder people from opening to the love of God, Hornsby said that “by invoking the name of Jesus in spiritual warfare we could overcome those demons by saying ‘pride’ — shoo devil in the name of Jesus, shoo devil in the name of Jesus.”


In a call and response fashion, the congregation chased away a litany of demons in the name of Jesus.


Those seeking the grace of spiritual healing sat with heads bowed, healers’ hands on their heads and shoulders. Soft music provided auditory privacy as the groups prayed with the people. The scene was solemn and intimate.


As the spiritual healing service wound down, people stood and sang along in praise and worship with hands extended above their heads.


Team members then invited those who sought physical healing to come up to have hands laid on them. They would also go to those unable to come forward.


Each group prayed with and over an individual seeking healing for several minutes. Hands touched where the ailment existed — backs, knees, stomachs. Some people embraced in a group hug as they prayed. All came away smiling.


 “As far as healing goes, I know that God can do it, but whether he will is the thing I don’t know,” participant Adam Williams said following the service. “But his grace is always sufficient.”


Hornsby said, “We never know what will happen — sometimes people will call days later to acknowledge an unburdening or physical healing — but we don’t track that. Our goal is for people to feel the Lord’s love touch them — to lift burdens and create renewed hearts through the presence of the Holy Spirit.”


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