By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

I was probably the most excited of the bunch because, with a Disney Dining Plan that overloads on snacks, we had to this point never used all of the credits prior to check out on any previous vacation.

I made it clear to my crowd that we were going to use our ponts up on more practical things like overpriced ice cream bars, pretzels and churros.

I was on a return trip from a churro/pretzel/ice cream bar stand when I arrived to find Magan and the kids acting out hysterically.

“What’s wrong?” I said as I passed out the confections to the lot.

By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 01

The party had gone wonderfully for our crowd. And both Magan and I had been able to sample the delicious food for a change.

The evening was made even more special by the addition of four sisters—Father Jude’s biological sister Ernestine, and the other three from Father John Stephen’s order (Margaret, Lucy, and Anne).

They are some of the sweetest women we’ve met and were smiling and waving at our kids as my munchkins chowed down on meatballs, chicken strips and macaroni one table over. At least, that’s how I left things when I got up to speak to Mr. McRae.

By: Rachel Balducci
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 01

We did this for several years, up until the birth of our sixth baby. I was pregnant with Isabel that January, and my goal for the year was “have a baby.” That was the last entry in the Resolution Journal because it ushered me into a new season called “Survival Mode,” and it lasted a little longer than I had anticipated. The journal and our noble resolution goals were shelved.

By: Fr. Douglas K. Clark
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 01

The film was directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and written by Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything, Darkest Hour, and Bohemian Rhapsody), and starrs Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Pryce (Evita) as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (later Pope Francis).

The trailers were beautifully filmed, featuring two of the greatest actors of our time, each bearing a striking resemblance to his character and both giving riveting performances.

By: Padre Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 01, columns, espanol

Continuamos conduciendo por la pista no pavimentar que cruzaba kilómetro tras kilómetro de campos inmaculados salpicados de cebras, ñus y ocasionalmente una jirafa. El sol comenzaba a ponerse y los verdes, marrones y azules parecían fusionarse bajo la espectacular bola de fuego que había convertido las nubes en oro. Cuando los animales salvajes desaparecían veíamos cabras y vacas pastoreadas por miembros de la tribu Mara, en su mayoría jóvenes y niños.

By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 01

“The change allows us to represent better what the annual appeal had always been about: our parishes, programs and ministries of the diocese,” said Maureen Coates, Director of Stewardship and Development for the Diocese of Savannah.

While the name of the appeal has changed, the beneficiaries of the generous donations have not. Funds raised for the Annual Catholic Appeal are applied directly to:

By: Emily Garcia
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 99 No. 26

Leading the procession were about 20 Aztec dancers in glistening bead-laden ensembles. They danced with ayoyotes—Aztec bells made of hard shells—on their ankles, in rhythm to a beating drum. The dancers ranged from ages 5 to 45.

Among the dancers was 15 year old Mariana Olalde who donned a peacock feathered headdress, which matched her blue ensemble. Olalde began dancing for the celebration’s procession when she was four years old.

By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9924-11/21/19

During the 2019 Junior Youth Conference (JYC) Nov. 8-9, 266 middle school-aged youth gathered at St. John the Evangelist Church in Valdosta and 197 at St. Peter the Apostle Church and School in Savannah to learn how to recognize the potential saint in others.


By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9924-11/21/19

One day, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon wanted his dream interpreted.


He summoned all of the city’s enchanters, sorcerers, magicians and Chaldeans. Nebuchadnezzar expected these men to know what his dream was without being told and then interpret it correctly.


The king became angry when the men said they could not do so, and he ordered all of Babylon’s wise men to be put to death.


Daniel, an Israelite who had been taken to Babylon to serve Nebuchadnezzar after the king’s siege of Jerusalem, heard what was going on.


By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Raider Team cadets find strength in standing on the shoulders and faith of their brothers 



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