By: Donnell Suggs/Staff

In a recent message to diocesan priests and lay employees, the "Shelter in Place" order by Governor Brian Kemp was reiterated as remaining a priority. Not only parishes but the parish office is to remain closed during the current two-week order or until further notice. The way things are done throughout the diocese continues to change every day and that includes the leadership of the diocese.

By: Donnell Suggs/Staff

Holy Week is fast approaching and parishes around the diocese, as are their counterparts around the state and country, are continuing to come up with new ways to worship together. The ideas for how to celebrate Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday differ depending on where one attends Mass. Still, there are most certainly ways to do so at nearly every parish within the diocese.

By: Donnell Suggs/Staff

A return to normalcy will have to wait as masses within the Diocese, and around the country, have been momentarily postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. What was once part of daily and weekly routines has become a longing for the communal worship that is attending mass at your local parish. Along with not being able to gather together, parishioners are having to adjust to not taking part in the sacrament.

By: Donnell Suggs/Staff

The morning prayer at Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School sounds the same. Still, there is something fundamentally different about it now. These days the prayer is conducted via the Microsoft Teams computer program and streamed to hundreds of students currently stationed in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We are going to continue our morning prayers,” said Saint Peter’s principal Wynter Kelly of the Savannah school’s new normal. “Our spiritual foundation is the most important part of a Catholic school. We can’t be physically together but we can still be together.”

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March 20, 2020

Bishop Joel M. Konzen announces changes to installation of
Archbishop Gregory John Hartmayer, OFM Conv., as Archbishop of Atlanta

ATLANTA, Georgia – The Most Rev. Joel M. Konzen, Diocesan Administrator for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, announced today that the installation of the new archbishop of Atlanta will take place in a private ceremony. The Archdiocese will provide a livestream feed to all who wish to join via the internet.

By: Donnell Suggs/Southern Cross
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Atlanta- The recent deluge of rainy days did not stop Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer OFM, Conv., from taking the podium at the Archdiocese of Atlanta in a good mood Thursday morning. Hartmayer had learned earlier this week that Pope Francis assigned him to become the seventh Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Taking his place behind a microphone in Franciscan garb, and before a room full of assembled media, diocesan members and staff, Hartmayer spoke of both being back home and having to eventually leave his other home in Savannah.

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Originally Appeared in : 9924-11/21/19

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By: Dave Hrbacek
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

NEW HOPE, Minn. (CNS)--A German Messerschmitt fighter plane was bearing down on Don Stoliel’s B-17 bomber as he flew a mission during World War II.


Stoliel, the pilot, looked out the windshield of his cockpit and saw the enemy plane zooming straight at him with machine guns blazing.


“This is it,” he thought, as he braced for the barrage of bullets that he expected to blast through the glass and tear into his body.


By: Cindy Wooden (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9922-10/24/19

Every Christian is called to be a missionary, sharing the good news of salvation in Christ and making disciples for him, not for oneself or one’s clique of like-minded believers, Pope Francis said.


“What instructions does the Lord give us for going forth to others? Only one, and it’s very simple: Make disciples. But, be careful: his disciples, not our own,” the pope said Oct. 20 as he celebrated World Mission Sunday.


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9922-10/24/19

Sister Grace Leggio Agate, RSM, age 71, a member of the Sisters of Mercy, Mid-Atlantic Community died Oct. 14 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah.



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