By: Joe Stong
Originally Appeared in : 9710-5/11/17

How often in Catholic life do we say the word “mystery”? 


In the Mass, in the bishop’s homilies and the lives of the saints, the word “mystery” is a regular feature that speaks to the unfathomable mercy of God, the creation of our immortal souls at the moment of our conception, or the amazing ways God’s providence touches lives through the free response of people to his grace. 


By: Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.

April 27, 2017


Peace and all good things!


Our celebration of the great mystery of Easter is a challenge to look deeply into the empty tomb and consider what it really means, not just for Jesus, but for us.


He is risen.  But are we? Do we lived as a redeemed people?  He is no longer to be found among the dead, but among the living.  Is the same true for us?


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9707-3/30/17

An anonymous benefactor has issued a challenge to donors to increase the success of the 2017 Bishop’s Annual Appeal.


Bishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv. told pastors the benefactor, whom he described as an “angel” pledged:


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