By: Genevieve L. Mougey (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9906-3/14/19

Lent. Food. Sacrifice. 40 days. Hunger.


These are all words we encounter in our conversations around this liturgical season. The act and ability to participate in Lent shifts dramatically over the course of a person’s lifetime.
From being “forced” by parents to give something up to the moment when a person chooses what to do without, Lent encourages seeking a deeper dynamism in life, to seek a fuller and deeper relationship with Christ. We embrace a call to great participation in the world around us, while still remembering we are Christ’s.


By: Carol Glatz (CNS)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The constant temptation and cancer of corruption is one of the most devastating illnesses to befall society, Pope Francis said.
Corruption causes considerable damage both ethically and economically, he said in an audience March 18 with judges, administrators and staff from Italy's court of audit, a kind of government accountability office with judicial powers.
By: Cindy Wooden (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9905-2/28/19

VATICAN CITY (CNS)--The Vatican summit on child protection and the clerical sexual abuse crisis affirmed the U.S. bishops’ strong belief that bishops and cardinals who abuse children or cover up abuse must be held accountable, said Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston.


The cardinal attended the Feb. 21-24 summit as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


By: Joyce Duriga (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9905-2/28/19

CHICAGO (CNS)--With February being both Black History Month and Catholic Press Month, Daniel Rudd’s story is worth knowing.


A pioneering Catholic journalist, he founded the national black newspaper the American Catholic Tribune and also was the founder of what is today the National Black Catholic Congress.


By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9905-2/28/19

After Jesus was baptized, he was filled with the Holy Spirit. The spirit then led him into the desert to spend 40 days there and to be tempted by the devil.


Jesus did not have anything to eat during this time, so at the end of the 40 days, he was very hungry.


The devil knew this and tried to use Jesus’ hunger to tempt him into doing something he shouldn’t.


“If you are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread,” the devil said to Jesus.


By: Father Herb Weber (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9905-2/28/19

There is very little that a priest does each week that requires so much attention as the Sunday homily. The homily can be a source of inspiration or it can be a stumbling block for many in the assembly. For the one who prepares and delivers it, it may be a unique opportunity for strengthening the call to discipleship.


By: David Gibson (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9905-2/28/19

Do I know what I truly believe? I hope so. For what people believe shapes their thinking and decisions, especially in key, consequential moments.


Were my beliefs different, I might “invest” myself differently than I do in the people and world around me. So I need to know what beliefs I aim to live by.


The question’s answer is essential to achieving the self-understanding that makes life go better.


I need to know who I am, and we need to know who we are. Shared beliefs create bonds among people, enabling them to act together in vital ways.

By: Cindy Wooden (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9904-2/14/19

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates--In an officially Muslim nation where Christians are welcomed as guest workers and free to worship, Pope Francis urged leaders of the world’s main religions to embrace a broader vision of freedom, justice, tolerance and peace.


Addressing the interreligious Human Fraternity Meeting in Abu Dhabi Feb. 4, Pope Francis said all those who believe in one God also must believe that all people are their brothers and sisters and demonstrate that belief in the way they treat others, especially minorities and the poor.


By: Daniel S. Mulhall (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9904-2/14/19

I began my service as a lector in 1965 when I was 12 years old. Only a few months before (on Nov. 29, 1964), Masses were celebrated in English for the first time in the United States. So, you could say that I got my start on the ground floor.


By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9904-2/14/19



King Saul of Israel did not follow God’s will, so God decided to find a new king.


He told his prophet, Samuel, to anoint David, a young shepherd from Bethlehem, as Saul’s eventual replacement.


When God turned away from Saul, the king was tormented by an evil spirit. David entered Saul’s service and soothed him by playing a harp.



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