By: Julianne Stanz (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9904-2/14/19

Catholics have often been falsely accused of not being regularly exposed to the Scriptures. While it has been true in the past that sprinkling conversation with the Scriptures has typically not been a part of Catholic culture, this has certainly changed over the years.


What many people do not realize, however, is that Catholics are deeply saturated in the word of God every time they attend Mass. Readings from Scripture are a sizeable part of every Mass.


By: Peter Finney, Jr. (CNS)
NEW ORLEANS (CNS) -- Lent is coming.
So is the salvation of many a harried Catholic couple with three or four mouths to feed on a seafood-only Friday night -- the parish fish fry.
The fish fry has become a savory staple of parish fellowship. All in good fun, and in the advancement of culinary civilization, many parishes in the Archdiocese of New Orleans have embarked on a seafood arms race that would require drones with infrared cameras to monitor properly.
By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9903-1/31/19

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth didn’t have any form.


Over the course of six days, God formed the earth and created everything on it. And at the end of each day’s work, he saw that all he created was good.


On the first day, God said, “Let there be light.” He separated the darkness from the light, calling the light “day” and the darkness “night.”


“Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to separate one body of water from the other,” God said on the second day. He called the dome “the sky.”

By: Mike Nelson (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19
The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist comprise the lengthiest components of the Mass.
But neither can be fully effective — that is, capable of achieving full, conscious and active participation called for in “Sacrosanctum Concilium,” the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy — without a proper celebration of what precedes them.
By: Maureen Pratt (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19
With so much of our lives concentrated on work, personal and family responsibilities, and the inevitable detours to our carefully planned calendars, the arrival of Sunday Mass can sometimes find us breathless and far from spiritually or otherwise prepared to deeply participate in the liturgy.
By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19
\One day, Jesus was by the Sea of Galilee and began using parables to teach a huge crowd that had gathered around him.
By: Moises Sandoval (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19

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About 15 years ago, I was invited to give a talk in Santa Fe about the Mexican border. I thought about that today because the person who invited me, Bob Glazier, an old friend, died recently.


By: Moises Sandoval (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9902-1/17/19

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Hace 15 años un amigo, Roberto Glazier, me invitó a hacer una presentación en Santa Fe, Nuevo México, sobre la frontera mexicana. Repasé ayer el contenido en PowerPoint, porque mi amigo murió recientemente.


Me di cuenta de que todas las personas en la presentación vivían la tradición celebrada en Las Posadas cada Navidad. Pero, más que costumbre navideña, era su misión.


By: Joseph F. Kelly (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9901-1/3/19
The arrival of the Magi may be the most famous part of Matthew’s infancy narrative.
What are some little-known elements in both scriptural and traditional accounts of the Magi?
They were three kings, right? Not so. Matthew says only “Magi,” but since they brought three gifts, many Christians thought that meant there were three of them. Magi were priests of the Persian religion, so they were men of high stature but definitely not kings, part of the account piously augmented in later centuries.
By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9901-1/3/19



John the Baptist had been preaching in the desert.


He warned all who would listen that they needed to repent of their sins and be baptized so their sins would be forgiven.



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