By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9924-11/21/19

COLUMBUS--When rival sports teams face off, it is not uncommon to hear barbs and taunts thrown by the crowds on opposing sides as players on the field or court attempt to score.


But at St. Anne-Pacelli School, the athletes know that good sportsmanship will speak louder than any of the insults that could be thrown their way.


By: Michelle Chardos
Originally Appeared in : 9919-9/12/19

Five chimes can be heard coming from the bell tower at St. Anne Church in Columbus each morning at 8:30. The ringing indicates the start of morning prayer for the five Franciscan friars living in community at the church. Last week, their prayers were said for the first time in St. Anne’s brand new Franciscan Martyrs Chapel.


By: Joseph Kenny
Originally Appeared in : 9919-9/12/19

Jake Cox felt lost when the buzzer sounded ending the St. Louis Jr. Blues hockey team’s season in the finals of the NA3HL Fraser Cup March 31, 2018 in Romeoville, Ill. The Metro Jets of Waterford, Mich., won 3-2 in overtime and claimed the championship despite a valiant effort by Cox and his teammates.


A forward on the Jr. Blues, Cox was filled with emotion — because of the loss and his junior hockey career ending. He didn’t want to be the first one off the ice, so he wandered around and then decided to pray, kneeling at center ice and making the sign of the cross.

By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9911-5/23/19

COLUMBUS--Dick O’Neal can remember the very first meal he ate at St. Benedict the Moor Church as part of its outreach community lunch program.


“They say they feed you out at church. Then I came around here and they had…I’ll never forget it because it’s my favorite meal,” O’Neal said of the fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and corn bread that was on the menu that day in 2008. A Columbus native, he had just moved back to the area after being released from prison. “It was good, and it was hot, and it was filling…”


By: Barbara D. King
Originally Appeared in : 9903-1/31/19

Accountant Scott Voynich, a parishioner of St. Anne Church in Columbus and the chairman of the Diocese of Savannah Finance Council, has been appointed to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) National Advisory Council.


By: Michelle Chardos
Originally Appeared in : 9818-8/30/18

“Wow! Ok, we’re here to help!” Father Robert Schlageter cheerfully exclaims, taken aback by the line of more than 40 people waiting for confession on a Saturday afternoon at St. Anne Church in Columbus. The line has been moving slowly for 45 minutes when Father Schlageter walks by the open door of the chapel. With the help of one of the penitents, a few chairs are moved to a secluded part of the chapel and one line becomes two.


By: Michelle Chardos and Jessica Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9721-10/21/17

COLUMBUS--Speaking to a crowd of more than 150 middle and high school students at St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School Sept. 27, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf emphasized the importance of education for all children, whether in the small African republic of Liberia or in Georgia’s second-largest city.


By: Michelle Chardos
Originally Appeared in : 9717-8/17/17

Columbus--“Does anyone want my coffee?” “I have extra lettuce.” “Anybody need chicken broth?” The chatter at Saint Anne Community Outreach in Columbus is caused by the bounty of food that has just been given out. The room is filled with 13 families who either attend a Columbus deanery Catholic church or school or are affiliated with a local Catholic agency. They come from different backgrounds but all have one main thing in common: Food insecurity.


By: Michelle Chardos
Originally Appeared in : 9708-4/13/17

Kelly Tolman, founder and director of Seneca, Choices for Life, was a carefree 19-year-old on a full Air Force college scholarship in Daytona Beach, Florida when she unexpectedly found herself in her dorm bathroom holding a positive pregnancy test. Kelly’s first instinct was to have an abortion. “I was going to take the easy route. There were three abortion clinics in Daytona Beach so I picked one and went there,” said Tolman. But when she arrived, the front desk clerk notified her she “just wasn’t meant to be a mother.” 


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