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Originally Appeared in : 9809-4/26/18

We were in error on page 9 of the April 12 edition of the SC. The Paschal candle, which used to be snuffed out after the Gospel on “Ascension Thursday,” has been ordered since the Roman Missal was revised in 1970, to continue to burn at all Masses celebrated during the full 50 days of the Easter Season, that is, from Easter to Pentecost. And the Ascension may be celebrated in place of the Seventh Sunday of Easter in those nations (or in the U.S., those ecclesiastical provinces) whose bishops approve its transfer from Thursday.

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Originally Appeared in : 9807-3/29/18

On page 9 of the March 15, 2018 issue, we ran the wrong name in the headline and in the body of the article. The article highlighted J. Harry Persse music collection We regret this error. 


In an addendum to the Persse family legacy please see below.


In a letter dated March 1, 2018 Father John Lyons, pastor Sacred Heart Church, Savannah and his staff recognized Patricia Persse’s continued legacy. 


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Originally Appeared in : 9726-12/21/17
  • On page 10 of issue 9725-12/7/17 we regret that we misidentified the name of the man holding the photograph. His name is Dozier Cook. Cook holds a photograph of his sister, Barbara Goodwin of Corpus Christi Church in Pooler, who was nominated for the Gartland Award but passed away in October. 
  • On page 17 of the 9725- 12/7/17 issue, Becky Prouty's name was unintentionally omitted from the list of Gartland recipients. She is the wife of Joe Prouty, of Most Holy Trinity Church in Augusta, who also received the award.
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Originally Appeared in : 9724-11/23/17

In the story, "An aspirant's path to consecrated life," (Issue 9723, November 9, 2017) Jessica Schira's last name was incorrectly spelled as "Shira." Her mother's last name is "Sosa" not "Schira."

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