By: Southern Cross Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9714-7/6/17

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By: Michael J. Johnson
Originally Appeared in : 9713-6/22/17

Southern Cross Editor Michael Johnson sat down June 1 with Father Gonzalo Meza, parochial vicar at Saint Teresa of Avila Church, Grovetown, to talk about the V Encuentro, the national movement that began in the 1970s to explore a wide variety of topics in Hispanic ministry. The main goal of the V Encuentro, according to its website, is to "discern ways in which the U.S. church can better respond to the Hispanic/Latino presence."


By: Rita H. DeLorme
Originally Appeared in : 9713-6/22/17

It’s the centennial of World War I and there are still those who reference that “war to end all wars.” Father Charles C. Conaty, a Knights of Columbus chaplain stationed at Camp Hancock in Augusta with the 28th Division of the 111th Infantry Division, is currently being remembered – and rightly so. The Spring 2017 issue of Holy Cross Magazine features a photo of Father Conaty. The Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, CT, offers a First World War exhibit that contains, among other items, the very Mass case that Father Charles Conaty carried on the battlefield.

By: Noell Barnidge
Originally Appeared in : 9713-6/22/17


By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9711-5/25/17

ALBANY--In past years, when students at Saint Teresa’s Catholic School graduated from the eighth grade, their only options were to attend much larger public high schools or alternative private schools, which may not have shared the same religious affiliation or prioritized small class sizes. 


Come August, all of that will change when Saint Teresa’s opens its doors to its first high school student body--ninth and 10th grade for the first year, 11th and 12th to follow. 


By: Jessica L. Marsala

AUGUSTA--Of the many lessons that students at Immaculate Conception Catholic School in downtown Augusta learn, few are as conspicuously embodied as empathy.


By: Michael J. Johnson
Originally Appeared in : 9710-5/11/17

If you are into public radio, you are most likely familiar with programs and podcasts such as This American Life, Radio Lab, and the TED Radio Hour. There are also millions of fans of Catholic podcasts like Busted Halo or, Vatican Radio.


It’s Catholic Y’all is a podcast produced by videographer Tim Williams delving into all things Catholic for the Diocese of Savannah. 

By: Rose Almeter Dominey

With all the March for Life pictures Stephen, my husband, and I have been seeing lately, we decided to share a story that has been very difficult for me to talk about due to the heaviness of what we went through last year. 


Last month was the one-year anniversary of a doctor telling me that I did not have good chances of surviving childbirth. And I was 12 weeks pregnant. 


By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9710-5/11/17

“Absolutely dumbfounded” and “heart stopping.” These are two of the phrases Father Justin Grose used to describe how he felt after he noticed a message in his Facebook inbox in March suggesting that a prized possession of his had finally been located.


By: Father Michael Kavanaugh
I  joined several thousand other science supporters for the March for Science in Atlanta on April 22, Earth Day. With sign in hand, I donned my clerical uniform and added a white lab coat like the one I had worn in college where I majored in biology at Belmont Abbey College near Charlotte, North Carolina.
The March was not a political statement. We marched in order to call attention to the very real role that science plays in each of our lives, and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world.


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