By: Rita DeLorme
Originally Appeared in : 9717-8/17/17

It wasn’t long after Bishop Benjamin J. Keiley gave the go-ahead to the establishment of a Catholic publication for the Diocese of Savannah that the Catholic Laymen’s Association of Georgia initiated the Bulletin. Meant to combat prejudice against Catholics in Georgia and publicize what Catholicism really was, the Bulletin was first edited by James J. Farrell, its founder as well as its editor.


By: Rita H. DeLorme
Originally Appeared in : 9717-8/3/17

Bulletin of the Catholic Laymen’s Association editor, Richard Reid, wasn’t the first Georgian to receive the prestigious Laetare Medal from the University of Notre Dame, but he was the most unique in many ways. Evidently a man who never sat still or wasted time, Reid managed to earn multiple degrees in law and other fields while editing the Bulletin. 



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