ISSUE 10002-01/23/2020

By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) lists the advantages for students in Catholic schools in terms of the measurable gains in academic achievements; the development of social benefits and civic-mindedness for the greater community; on-going parental engagement in their child’s education and the practice of the Catholic faith; and the astonishing financial savings and benefits to local, state and federal governments. These advantages are quite impressive and easily quantifiable.

By: Bishop Gregory Hartmayer
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

Michelangelo regarded his service to the church and the community as a vocation and not merely a job or yet another commission. He approached each work with reverence and humility, seeking to discover rather than create.

For example, as he sculpted, he claimed that he was uncovering a figure that already existed in the marble. He was not chiseling it or molding it according to his set plan but setting it free to be whatever God intended it to be.

By: Padre Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

Mientras recorríamos un cami- no de tierra mal cuidado y lleno de baches, miré hacia el cielo y me quedé boquiabierto. Nunca había apreciado algo así, y nunca más he vuelto a apreciar algo así en mi vida. Había millones de luces esparcidas por el cielo nocturno como leche derramada. Era una especie de camino ilumi- nado sobre mí que atravesaba la noche oscura. Las luces eran de diferentes colores e intensidades: blancas, azules e incluso algunas rojas. Era tan espectacular que no podía bajar la mirada. No quería ni pestañear.

By: Father Douglas K. Clark
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

We will hear from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:23-9:3 (“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light”), from Saint Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians 1:10- 13, 17 (“For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with the wisdom of human eloquence so that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of its meaning”), and from the Gospel according to Matthew 4:12-23, which sees Jesus’ initial proclamation of the Gospel in Galilee (“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”) as the fulfilment of Isaiah’s prophecy announced in the first reading.

By: Liz Fabian
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

As the sun rose behind the parish’s brick tower that hoists a cross over Macon’s historic African American Pleasant Hill neighborhood, the True Faith Church of God in Christ kitchen staff was frying up sausage and scrambling eggs on the ground floor of the Vineville United Methodist Church.

Peter Claver parishioner Bud Fletcher was greeting folks at the door as he thought back to 1990.

“It was very small in the basement of St. Peter Claver. There wasn’t much room,” said Fletcher, who serves with 11 others on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Planning Committee.

By: Rachel Balducci
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

Charlie’s school is just close enough that it doesn’t feel too painful to make the drive. It’s in a quiet enough town that I don’t feel too overwhelmed at the thought of leaving him there. Also, my boy is having such a good experience in general that I don’t feel too sad when I get back in the car and make the drive home alone.

So many feelings, which is the story of this season.

By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : Vol. 100 No. 02

I was probably the most excited of the bunch because, with a Disney Dining Plan that overloads on snacks, we had to this point never used all of the credits prior to check out on any previous vacation.

I made it clear to my crowd that we were going to use our ponts up on more practical things like overpriced ice cream bars, pretzels and churros.

I was on a return trip from a churro/pretzel/ice cream bar stand when I arrived to find Magan and the kids acting out hysterically.

“What’s wrong?” I said as I passed out the confections to the lot.

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