Issue 9801-1/4/18

By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

“You guys can spend the night!” caused Magan’s phone to ping shortly after Thanksgiving. It was a note of excitement from my sister, whose family had just purchased a new home that included a finished basement where she hoped we could bunk during future visits to the metro-Atlanta area.


By: Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/17

As I look at the State of the Diocese of Savannah for the past 12 months, I am overwhelmed with the generosity and diversity of the tens of thousands of people who worship and minister in the 77 parishes and missions in South Georgia.


By: Rachel Swenson Balducci
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

One morning last Advent, I was having breakfast in a restaurant and going over my To Do lists. At one point I remember looking up and noticing two women sitting at the table across from me. Eventually I caught on that their conversation was growing more intense and was moving into something that resembled a fight.


By: Obispo Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.

Cuando veo la Situación de la Diócesis de Savannah durante los últimos 12 meses, me conmueve la generosidad y diversidad de los miles de personas que rinden culto y sirven en las 78 parroquias y misiones del sur de Georgia.


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

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By: Father Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

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Every heart searches for meaning. Every soul longs for happiness. We are born restless. We are born with a void inside, a missing piece, which moves us to seek fulfillment. We are like a beautiful and complex jigsaw puzzle with one missing piece. Without that last piece we remain incomplete, so we tirelessly search for the piece that will complete the picture. 


By: Paul Senz (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

The visit of the Magi to the newborn Jesus is commemorated as the feast of the Epiphany. This places the emphasis on what was revealed to them at this, the culmination of their long journey “from the east” (Mt 2:1).


The Magi remain mysterious figures. There are many theories as to just who these pilgrims were. There is a consensus that they travelled a great distance from the east, compelled as they were to come and do homage to the “newborn king of the Jews” (Mt 2:2).


By: Father Douglas Clark
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

At the end of this new year, on December 14, 2018, I will have been a Catholic for 50 years. I still marvel at what transpired in that watershed year of 1968, when the world seemed to change as much as I did.


By: Mary Hood Hart
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

I once sang this Joni Mitchell song to my children at bedtime. I sing it now to my grandchildren who know it well because their mom also sings it to them. Their bedtime song about time has become in my life what its title describes, a circle game. The circle has extended to my daughter’s family and looped back from her own childhood to encircle the lives of her own children. 


By: Padre Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : 9801-1/4/18

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Todo corazón humano busca el sentido de su vida. Toda alma anhela la felicidad. Todos nacemos inquietos. Nacemos con un vacío dentro, con un anhelo en el alma, que nos lleva a buscar la plenitud. Somos como un hermoso y complicado rompecabezas al cual le falta una pieza. Sin esa pieza estamos incompletos, por eso buscamos incansablemente la pieza que complete el rompecabezas de nuestra vida.


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