Issue 9910-5/9/19

By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9910-5/9/19

After an international, national, and local search, The Sisters of Mercy, the Board of Directors, and the Administration of St. Vincent’s Academy, announced that Dawn Odom has been named as the next Principal of St. Vincent’s Academy (SVA) beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.


By: Nancy Usselmann, FSP
Originally Appeared in : 9910-5/9/19

Sometimes it becomes awkward in church on Mother’s Day when at the end of Mass the priest asks mothers to stand for a blessing. As a religious sister I’ve been in the position of half-standing, half-sitting, unsure of what to do, or even if “spiritual mothers” are included in that prayer.


If I stand, would people think I actually have children? Do they really see me as a spiritual mother? Ugh. It becomes complicated, so I slip into a noncommitted sit-kneel position.


By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9910-5/9/19

After having a vision from God, Peter told the followers of Jesus that it was OK to convert the gentiles to Christianity.


So, Paul, Barnabas and others traveled to gentile communities and began converting the people. However, some of Jesus’ followers told the gentiles that to become Christian and be saved, they first had to become Jews and follow the Mosaic law.


Paul and Barnabas disagreed. They and some others decided to visit Jerusalem to ask the apostles and elders their opinions.


By: Padre Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : 9910-5/9/19

“Lamenta recuerdos perdidos que nunca se realizaron. Lamenta aquello que nunca fue. Lamenta recuerdos que no posees. Lamenta el momento presente que no fue destinado a existir”. Escribí estas palabras en el 2010 mientras estaba sentado en la banca trasera de la Parroquia Saint Joseph en Washington, Georgia. La última vez que había entrado a esta pequeña parroquia rural fue unos pocos días antes de que mi hermano fuera diagnosticado con cáncer a fines de diciembre de 1995. Esa Navidad yo iba a tocar el piano durante la Misa, pero nunca llegamos.



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