Issue 9917-8/15/19

By: Father Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

I have only seen a sign forbidding visitors to smile or laugh in a public place once in my life. The site had no guards actively enforcing the rule, but the simple recounting of the horrific acts that unfolded at the site was enough to keep a person from smiling. What horrible thing could have happened in a place that forbids smiling and laughing? 


By: Catholic News Service
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

New Haven, CT (CNS)--In 2018, the Knights of Columbus gave $185.7 million to charity and donated 76.7 million hours of hands–on service.


The New Haven–based Catholic fraternal organization announced its charitable activity over the last year in a July 31 news release, issued ahead of its annual Supreme Convention in Minneapolis Aug. 6–8.


By: Rachel Balducci
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

Paul and I are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary of getting married. That is just mind– blowing. In honor of this blessed, special, humbling occasion, I’d like to reflect on a few things I’ve learned in my years as a wife.


1. Love hurts. I don’t know why that’s the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s true. Love hurts because it costs everything.


By: Carol Zimmermann (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

WASHINGTON (CNS) --In response to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 3 and 4, several U.S. bishops expressed their support and prayers for victims while also expressing outrage that these tragedies continue to occur.


Some bishops kept their reaction brief, within the 280–character confines of Twitter, but others posted links to their own statements or video responses where they were able to say more; one wrote a column for his archdiocesan website about it.


By: Jennifer Ficcaglia (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19



Jesus traveled many places, and everywhere he went, he taught great crowds of people about God.


Jesus often used parables to teach important lessons. For example, through the parable of the rich fool, he taught that it was not right to become obsessed with storing up wealth on Earth. And he used the parable of the barren fig tree to show the people that they would perish if they did not repent of their sins.


By: Michael J. Johnson
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

Folks stroll into the ground floor hall of St. Joseph Church in Macon carrying covered dishes which will eventually fill 18 feet of table space. Soon there will be food to feed the 60 or more people who gather every Wednesday night for Dinner and Doctrine. Many people remark, “Be sure and try the ribs; Bill makes the best ribs.” 


The program, started by Pastor Father Scott Winchel, has been running for over two years. (See more photographs at our Smugmug gallery).


By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

Much changes each summer behind the scenes at St. Vincent’s Academy, though not all changes would be noticed by returning students and faculty without needing to don hard hats or safety goggles.  


By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15-19

Summer is great for swimming, grilling and vacationing, but it’s horrible for little people who thrive on routine.


That may explain why Magan starts our school year the second week of July.


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

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By: Father Herb Weber (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

When my friend Tom lost his wife to cancer, he grieved more than anyone I had known. Along with a few close friends, I tried to reach out to him. Some days he was open to our offers; other times he buried himself in his work.


For many people, the process of dealing with grief due to the loss of a loved one will be among the hardest tasks they ever face. Sadly, some make it even harder by not acknowledging the need to process grief. The pain is so great they avoid dealing with it.



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