Issue 9923-11/7/19

By: Father Pablo Migone

A few years ago I met a young novice preparing to be a Jesuit priest. I remember him well because he was in the middle of a tremendous journey that I would have found impossible to undertake. After completing his first year of studies, he was given a bus ticket to Macon. He had never been there, and his mission was to live entirely on the goodness and charity of others without staying in one place for more than three days. In six weeks he needed to reach St. Louis, Missouri.

By: Jessica L. Marsala
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Raider Team cadets find strength in standing on the shoulders and faith of their brothers 


By: Rachel Balducci
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” — Mother Teresa
Last weekend, Paul and I had the honor of speaking to a group of engaged couples getting ready to be married. It was the annual Engaged Encounter at our parish, and the same awesome people who organize it (great job, Keith and Chris) invited us back again.


By: Dave Hrbacek
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

NEW HOPE, Minn. (CNS)--A German Messerschmitt fighter plane was bearing down on Don Stoliel’s B-17 bomber as he flew a mission during World War II.


Stoliel, the pilot, looked out the windshield of his cockpit and saw the enemy plane zooming straight at him with machine guns blazing.


“This is it,” he thought, as he braced for the barrage of bullets that he expected to blast through the glass and tear into his body.


By: Jason Halcombe
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Seeing my wife clutch her purse as though she were a spy or a thief was the last thing I expected to see when I returned from washing my hands at the steakhouse.


She also seemed rushed and ready to leave, even though we were still waiting on the check.


By: John Feister
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

It’s 6 p.m. in Blakely, Georgia, and Glenmary Brother Levis Kuwa is heading quickly up Route 28 to the emergency room. He’s not injured or anything. Brother Levis is a nurse at Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center, night shift.


By: Father Douglas K. Clark
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Two weeks ago, I mentioned “the puzzling optics of an informal interreligious prayer service held in the Vatican Gardens on the Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi (also on Oct. 4),” which I thought distracted from the important theme of the Synod on the Amazon, that is, “inculturation.”


By: Kristin Colberg (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Dec. 8, 2019, will mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the First Vatican Council. On Dec. 8, 1869, more than 700 bishops gathered in St. Peter’s for the 20th ecumenical council and, most famously, defined the doctrine of papal infallibility.


Though the council engaged topics that remain highly relevant, it is often overlooked due to a sense that its teachings are out of step with contemporary views. Frequently, the faithful and scholars alike disregard Vatican I in favor of its successor, Vatican II.


By: Sarah Routh
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

With the holidays coming up, it only seemed appropriate to write about how to navigate the feelings of stress for planning, gift shopping, meal planning, cooking, etc. However, I took the time to sit down and really consider what the holidays do to me and my psyche.


By: Padre Pablo Migone
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

Hace unos años conocí a un joven novicio que se preparaba para ser sacerdote jesuita. Lo recuerdo bien porque estaba en medio de un gran viaje que me habría resultado imposible emprender. Después de completar su primer año de estudios le entregaron un boleto de autobús hacia Macon, Georgia. Nunca había estado allí, y su misión era vivir completamente de la bondad y la caridad de los demás sin permanecer en un lugar por más de tres días. En seis semanas necesitaba llegar a San Luis, Missouri.


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