By: Dave Hrbacek
Originally Appeared in : 9923-11/7/19

NEW HOPE, Minn. (CNS)--A German Messerschmitt fighter plane was bearing down on Don Stoliel’s B-17 bomber as he flew a mission during World War II.


Stoliel, the pilot, looked out the windshield of his cockpit and saw the enemy plane zooming straight at him with machine guns blazing.


“This is it,” he thought, as he braced for the barrage of bullets that he expected to blast through the glass and tear into his body.


By: Cindy Wooden (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9922-10/24/19

Every Christian is called to be a missionary, sharing the good news of salvation in Christ and making disciples for him, not for oneself or one’s clique of like-minded believers, Pope Francis said.


“What instructions does the Lord give us for going forth to others? Only one, and it’s very simple: Make disciples. But, be careful: his disciples, not our own,” the pope said Oct. 20 as he celebrated World Mission Sunday.


By: Carol Zimmermann
Originally Appeared in : 9921-10/10/19

Washington (CNS)--The Supreme Court announced Oct. 4, just three days before it begins its new term, that it will add an abortion case to its docket.


The justices have agreed to weigh in on a Louisiana law that requires doctors at abortion clinics to obtain admitting privileges from a nearby hospital.


It is the first abortion case the court is taking up since Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch joined the bench and also without the swing vote of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired in 2018.


By: Staff
Originally Appeared in : 9919-9/12/19

To see which parishes will be visited by religious orders and organizations as part of the 2019 Mission Cooperative Appeal, reference the table below:


Missionary Society of St. Paul

St. Joseph, Augusta

Most Holy Trinty, Augusta

Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart:"The Josephites"

By: Cindy Wooden (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9919-9/12/19

VATICAN CITY (CNS)--Pope Francis announced he will create 13 new cardinals Oct. 5, choosing prelates from 13 different nations as a sign of “the missionary vocation of the Church that continues to proclaim the merciful love of God to all men and women of the earth.”


The only Canadian named was 73-year-old Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, undersecretary of the Section for Migrants and Refugees at the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. None of the new cardinals is from the United States.


By: Anna Capizzi Galvez
Originally Appeared in : 9918-8/29/19

WASHINGTON (CNS)--Do Catholics believe that the Eucharist is truly the body and blood of Christ?


A Pew Research Center survey released Aug. 5 found that nearly 70% of Catholics believe that the bread and wine used for Communion during Mass are “symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ,” while about 30% believe that the bread and wine “actually become” Christ’s body and blood.


The findings clearly touched a nerve as commentators jumped to analyze the data, questioning the language that Pew had used in its survey questions.


By: Carol Zimmermann (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9917-8/15/19

WASHINGTON (CNS) --In response to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 3 and 4, several U.S. bishops expressed their support and prayers for victims while also expressing outrage that these tragedies continue to occur.


Some bishops kept their reaction brief, within the 280–character confines of Twitter, but others posted links to their own statements or video responses where they were able to say more; one wrote a column for his archdiocesan website about it.


By: Jonathan Luxmoore

WARSAW, Poland (CNS) -- Senior Vatican representatives joined the first officially approved church festival at Medjugorje, three months after Catholic pilgrimages to the site in Bosnia-Herzegovina were authorized by the pope.


"We are called to share the difficulties of our contemporaries and we have a responsibility to care for them," Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization, told 60,000 young people from 97 countries Aug. 5.


By: Junno Arocho Esteves (CNS)
Originally Appeared in : 9913-6/20/19

Vatican City (CNS)--Service, charity and love must be the hallmarks of the charismatic renewal movement, Pope Francis said.


Addressing participants at a gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service, also known as “Charis,” the pope said June 8 that through their “baptism in the Holy Spirit, unity in the body of Christ and service to the poor,” the movement’s members can bear witness to God’s love and evangelize the world.  

By: Catholic News Service
Originally Appeared in : 9911-5/23/19

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (CNS)-- By passing a bill to ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, the Alabama Legislature has recognized that abortion is “the extinguishing of a unique human life,” said the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.



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