By: Jason Halcombe

For many, family traditions are forged in the heart and heat of summer. In some cases, it could be a weekend trip to the beach. For others, it could be hosting a homecoming and gathering family from around the country under one roof to break bread.

By: Rachel Swenson Balducci

It became very clear to me recently (last week’s column) that for whatever reason, I hold good behavior in Mass as a pinnacle of parenting achievement. If your kids are sitting still through church each week, you have arrived. Which explains, I’m embarrassed to admit, the feelings I have toward those beautiful families whose small children sit still in Mass. They are perfect and I must fight envy in my heart.

By: Jason Halcombe

Like any household with small children, bedtime comes early at our house (And, praise God, for mom and dad too).

At 8 p.m., Simon, 6, and Jesse, 2, (whom we casually have labeled, “The Middles”) are sent to bed with me not far behind.

Meanwhile, Magan and our oldest, Noah, tag-team to put baby Elijah to sleep in our bedroom, with mommy and Noah getting some one-on-one time for the hour. I’m left repeating the following: “Roll over, grab Quack Quack and go to sleep.” Quack Quack is Jesse’s stuffed duck.

By: Padre Pablo Migone

La otra noche estaba leyendo un libro que elegí al azar a la entrada de una capilla del Santísimo Sacramento. Empecé a leerlo y después de sólo pasar unas pocas páginas encontré escondido entre las páginas una pequeña hojita blanca de papel con una oración. Había una frase escrita sobre la oración que proclamaba: “esta novena nunca ha fallado”. Arrugué el papelito sin siquiera haber leído la oración. Revisé todo el libro y encontré dos hojitas más con la misma oración. Al salir de la capilla, se me ocurrió revisar algunos de los otros libros que había allí.


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